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Someone must pay! Oh wait, I do…

When you receive the note in your mail this week (or last, as I did) that Nova Scotia Power is increasing its power rates to residential users, remember these poor fuckers that are barely squeaking by on six- and seven-figure salaries. I mean, poor Chris Huskilson, having to make do on a million and a half for managing a monopoly!

The mind whirls.


3 thoughts on “Someone must pay! Oh wait, I do…

  1. No worries, Kevvyd, Super Rodney’s all over it. I heard him mumbling about it on the radio today – not going to stand for it at the next power increase URB hearing .

    I feel much better about it now.


  2. I sifted through the 100+ page document that NSP and the government crafted together. It’s available online somewhere or other. I think the increase is 4%, although I’m not sure (the document is long and wordy, but really not to the point). The government’s official number for the cost of living increase this year stands at 1.7%, as of February. How is it that my expenses this year only increase 1.7%, while NSP’s increase 4.0%? If you prick me, do I not bleed (oil)?


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