The Christians are coming, the Christians are coming…

It looks like the squeaky wheel is getting the grease this weekend as angry Christians deluged Home Depot with phone calls after announcing that they would be open this Friday and the following Monday, days which I believe are referred to as “Good Friday” and “Easter Monday”.

While I’m all for self-delusion in all of it’s merry aspects, it’s the reason I drink after all, I do not insist that others see the same pink elephant that I do, nor do I insist that they heed his warning that Tim Horton litter is in fact a coded message to those in the know. But now you know.

We in Canada have it relatively good compared to our susperstition-bound neighbours to the south, but sometimes that only makes incidents like these more obvious. As long as we keep that Intelligent Design bullshit out of our schools, I’m willing to cut this some slack. That is, as long as I don’t have to run out Friday and buy a saw to do it.


10 thoughts on “The Christians are coming, the Christians are coming…

  1. While I for one enjoy as many long weekends as I can, I cannot see how a private company offering theirs services whenever they choose affects you ability to honour a man baing nailed to a tree?


  2. I won’t be running out to my friendly neighbourhood big box store this Good Friday, nor will I be running out to to my friendly neighbourhood RC church to do my Three Hours Agony.
    This was clearly an organized protest against the store opening by people with a certain religious belief. They think religion should supersede the law. And the store caved, this time.
    We do not live in a theocracy so I would protest the store caving in, although I would accept an argument for store closure based on environmental concerns.


  3. Just to place my vote, I’m going to buy something, anything, somewhere, on Friday. As for Monday, as Kenn says, it ain’t even a religious holiday. Why do the religious not honour my freedom from religion? Nerves? Self-doubt?


  4. I am a church going catholic and I, and many other catholics, are fully aware of the fact that Canada is not a theocratic nation. I know that not all of us follow christianity and I willingly accept that. I am for Sunday/religious holiday shopping for many of the reasons already stated. Home Depot and other businesses should open given the condition that they allow the christian employees to observe their religious holiday with out punishment. Of course, this also includes other religions and their holidays, too.
    As for Easter Monday, you are right it is not a religious holiday, but rather a bank holiday, however, the article only stated that the two days in question were Good Friday and Easter Sunday.
    When it comes to businesses being open, all religions including athiesm should be respected. I know that I will be observing the Easter festivities, however, I am glad that if I need something I will still be able to get it.

    My two pennies.


  5. The Chocolate Jesus is a fantastic way to distill the North American holiday into its simplist forms; chocolate and the crucifiction of Jesus. I cannot see anything wrong with this art. It was done tastefully (pun intended… couldn’t resist)! It does not denegrate the spirit of Easter. Sometimes I really shake my head at people’s reaction to nonsense. However, the artist must be somewhat happy about the publicity he is receiving.

    Hmmm… I wonder if the wild rabbits around my apartment are going to leave any chocolate eggs again this year?


  6. Hmmm… I wonder if the wild rabbits around my apartment are going to leave any chocolate eggs again this year?

    Umm, be careful with that “chocolate”.


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