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I was wondering…

Why Lance Armstrong and Sheryl Crowe broke up. It’s all becoming clearer now.

6 thoughts on “I was wondering…

  1. As people jump onto the Green bandwagon, I see that the environmental ecology becomes more disconnected from social ecology, which are on the flip side of the same coin.
    So we have Sheryl Crowe, crowing about “her recent tour of the United States on a BOIDIESEL-POWERED BUS to raise awareness about climate change.” She wants “to persuade students to act to help safeguard the world’s environment”, but is ignorant of the fact that, as more undeveloped countries grow more food for western velicles – like biodiesel-powered buses, less is grown for feeding people.


  2. I agree, as far as I’m concerned biodiesel is just another way for politicians to dodge the real costs of the environmental disaster awaiting us. Not to mention the fact that, as you point out, it has the side effect of diverting still more food from those that need it most by providing more mouths to feed. These ones mechanical – truly sad.


  3. I’ve already posted my dissatisfaction with biodiesel on Waterblogged. Not to mention that biodiesel still emits greenhouse gases. An extra trip around the country for the green propagandqa tour was an unnecessary addition of greenhouse gases to the atmosphere. The environmentally friendly thing to do would be to leave the bus home, and walk or take a cue from Lance and buy a bicycle. Do you think she misses the point, maybe?


  4. No, I don’t think she misses the point – I think that she just wanted to wave her hand at environmentalism and still make a shitload of money on a tour. If she wanted to actually help, she would have worried less about making money and stayed the fuck home.


  5. I’d argue that’s almost the definition of missing the point of environmental awareness. Let alone being taken seriously, aside from ineffectual, LOOney suggestions.


  6. A wise Scot once told me that 4 squares is the proper amount: 2 to wipe and 2 to polish.

    If she really wants to reduce her footprint, she should probably get a colostomy bag. No more squares!


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