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Meine Kampf – Crawford Style

I’ve said it before, I’ll say it gain: Don’t be afraid, average citizen. Be very,very afraid. This article on how to set up a facist state in The Guardian Unlimited by Naomi Wolf should be ringing alarm bells with all Americans. A disturbing number of the ten steps could be argued to be under execution here in Canada too. If its a little more gradual, and drawn out, the possibilities/ implications are no less scary.   I guess what scares me most is that I suspect Canadians of being even more complacent and apathetic than our southern cousins when it comes to opposing the Neocons’ and Neolibs’ little erosions of the social benefits and our constitutional rights our forefathers[mothers] fought for.  How many times has Tommy Douglas spun in his grave? Can he get drunk in heaven?


5 thoughts on “Meine Kampf – Crawford Style

  1. So true. CAnadians are a complacent people and they/we are sleepwalking towards something terrible.
    Listening to the news tonight, I hear that a country – once known as an international peace maker – is now facing allegations of torture. Torture! This has gone so far beyond a parochial left-right, Liberal-Conservative tussle. We are being dragged by the nose into frightening territory and our leader isn’t even telling us where he wants us to go.


  2. Gifted – At this point I don’t think we need to be told where Der Harpenfuehrer wants us to go. He wants to be in lock-goosestep with Bush and the Neocons. “Sleepwalking towards something terrible”, indeed. Its a pretty apt description of the approach the general populace takes to Canadian politics. I’ve already picked my handbasket out for the ride to hell.


  3. On the specific topic of allegations of aiding torture in Afghanistan by handing prisoners over to Afghan security forces, I really, really hope that some Canadian Forces’ members get busted and put on trial for crimes against humanity. Only then will culpability really have a chance to flow up the chain of command.

    A note to those that don’t know, my little brother is over there right now, so I don’t say this lightly.


  4. I have to agree with you kevvy. The Canadian military has to admit to itself, and to the Canadian public, that it has its share of soldiers who join with a “goon mentality”. The majority of the troops, like your bro, wouldn’t think of doing something like beating the snot out of someone in custody, just because it is right not to do so. Having spent a lifetime on military bases, and among military people, I have to say I have met my share of idiots (of all ranks) who seem to have some sort of “Rambo meets the gestapo” complex. Those clowns have to be made aware that unacceptable behaviour is intolerable. This means that the command has to spend less time trying to cover its ass, and more time coming down on transgressors like the proverbial ton-of-bricks – preferably bricks made of feces.


  5. You’re right, Graven. Goon mentality. Something kept niggling in the back my mind after commenting on the possibility of Canada being involved in torture. Then it hit me: Shidane Arone


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