Howard, great leader of sycophants

I caught this story yesterday while perusing the New Zealand Herald, and it continues to amaze me.  The Right Honourable Mr. John Howard, Prime Minister of Australia, thinks that the potential of “humiliating” the USA and Britain is good reason to leave his nation’s troops in the meat grinder that is Iraq.  Observe:

It would be a “colossal blow to American prestige in the Middle East and around the world” if the coalition pulled out of Iraq and appeared to have lost the war, he said.

“There is nothing in it for Australia in seeing America humiliated in the Middle East,” he told ABC Radio.

And that’s the effect of calling for Australian withdrawal, because if it’s OK for us to go why isn’t it OK for the Americans and the British to go?

The irony of that last statement leaves me breathless. I wonder if Howard will ever realize that he just made a great point for Australian withdrawl?


2 thoughts on “Howard, great leader of sycophants

  1. So he’s willing to leave troops in Iraq to keep the Americans from being embarrassed? Let me guess, he doesn’t have any kids of his own serving over there, right?


  2. The Australian government has realized since WWII that the USA is their best, if not only, hope for support if anyone comes after them. We are almost certainly never going to see an Australian gov’t that doesn’t back whatever the states are doing for just that reason. They may not support the USA in private but they’ll sing their praises in public on the understanding that the states will come rushing to their aid if it’s needed.


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