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Finding the Fiddler? Week 2

One of two things is happening: Hibernation period is over or neccessity is breeding appearances (as opposed to invention). The Fiddler has appeared to deal with

May 10: Gas Regulation!

When John Hamm was premier, the Tories decided not to regulate gasoline, based on a $170,000 report from consultants Gardner Pinfold Consulting Economists.

Keefe said he didn’t know Tory policy had changed until he saw MacDonald campaigning in last spring’s election.

Under questioning from Liberal MLA Michel Samson, Keefe said that whether Service Nova Scotia bureaucrats support regulation is “irrelevant,” because it’s government’s role to set policy direction, and theirs to carry it out.

Based on a $132,000 review of regulation, again produced by Gardner Pinfold, the government has decided to start setting prices weekly, rather than every second week. So much for price stability.

I’d like to whore myself out consult for government, too, if I may. For the bargain-basement price of $50,000, I am willing to enshrine the current political whim-of-the-day in an official ‘consultants report’. Don’t hesitate to call!

I realize that Rodney hisself did not get quoted in the story above, but he did comment on the gas regulation issue in a now-linkdead story printed in the Chronically Horrid: (part of the quote is preserved in Google as Premier Rodney MacDonald said regulation has helped to stem the rate of gas station closures. “That’s not saying there have not been some stations closed in …

Also May 10: (same overall story as Kevvy posted below)

More from May 10th! He’s like me on a backlogged Friday!: Premier delays by-election in Cole Harbour-Eastern Passage

Yet more from that monster of a day that was May 10TH!!!!11!1: Free light bulbs for all! All who can get to a Home Depot, that is.

Premier Rodney MacDonald said the new program, announced Thursday, will help ensure a sustainable environment and economy.

The lightbulbs use up to 75 per cent less energy and last up to 10 times longer than incandescent bulbs.

I’m holding out for my free Hybrid vehicle, which I will then drive to Home Depot, out in those nasty suburban commercial parks. I think I only have two lights left in my house to switch, so this actually comes at an opportune time. BTW – why Home Depot? Has anyone dug into the connections ($$$$) between this program and our leadership? My cynicism alarm is ringing.

May 11: Even Rodney can’t screw this up.

Premier Rodney MacDonald said in Nova Scotia the military service is an honoured profession.

“It’s a profession that many of our sons and daughters have chosen because they want to be part of an effort to improve the world and contribute to a stronger Canada,” he said. “And when they return home, we will be in the company of heroes.”

May 14th: Rodney sticks to his knitting

The premier may have showcased his skill on the violin, but he and Porter presented the local church with $3,000 toward an upgrade for their aging cemetery.

MacDonald received a warm welcome at the church and treated local folks when he picked up the violin and joined local musicians on the stage.

“It’s great to be here in Scotch Village and jam with fellow musicians.” MacDonald said. He admitted it was a bit hard to keep up with them; “I play Cape Breton, Celtic style,” he laughed. “Now I’ll have to go home and practice.”

That’s my update. I wonder what spurred him out of his burrow last Thursday?


5 thoughts on “Finding the Fiddler? Week 2

  1. Roddo MacDumbDumb appears to lack a backbone, a brain, a personality and two clues to rub together.I’d call him a sub-epsilon invertebrate. And that, I believe, would be a generous description.


  2. You asked “why Home Depot”? Possibly nothing evil; out here on the other coast they have the best selection, including some of the hard-to-find stuff like 150 kW equivalent bulbs, so they’re not a bad choice. Canadian Tire is almost useless; Rona/Revy is fair to middling, though still has the best prices for the stuff it does stock.



  3. North of 49 => What Home Depot is or isn’t on “the other coast” makes no difference – there are three Home Depots in this province, two of which are in metro Halifax. That leaves a helluva drive for someone from Amherst or Yarmouth to get a “free” light bulb. If Rodney, or his hand-picked head of Conserve Nova Scotia weren’t absolute tools, they would have given out coupons or perhaps gone with a shop that had representation in some of the smaller towns.

    CT might be useless, but they could hand out free light bulbs as good as anyone else. Hell, so could Sobeys for that matter – and you can’t swing a cat without hitting a Sobeys in this province.

    Rodney is a fool. Heather Foley-Melvin is smart – she’s juicing the fool good. And we get to pay for it.


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