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Harper slides into Afghanistan – is he going to dish out any plastic turkey?

Stephen Harper pulls another one from the BushCo playbook – low in the polls, sneak off for a surprise visit to the war zone! If Harper gave a rat’s ass about the troops he so open-heartedly “supports”, he’d give a thought to how much of a pain in the ass it is to entertain “dignitaries” while trying to do your job.

And if he had any balls or trust in his soldiers, he wouldn’t sneak in – he’d go in with head held high. Going in secretly tells me a couple of things – he has no trust in the security of the situation (in which case why the fuck is he there?) and it is important for him for some reason to get there. Since he’s already demonstrated a fetish for flag-wearing and he’s tied his fate to the war in Afghanistan, there’s no doubt in my mind that poor poll results are more important than he likes to claim.


7 thoughts on “Harper slides into Afghanistan – is he going to dish out any plastic turkey?

  1. Don’t for a minute think that I’m going to defend the Lieberal’s defense “policy” for a minute. Dion will go over there for the same reasons Harper does – political advantage and optics.

    “Support the troops”, more like “use the troops”.


  2. And who do you think our troops support? Harper who has built our Armed forces back up or Dion and his Liberals who practically destroyed them.
    Liberals, phooey!


  3. Joshua,

    You see, it’s simple. In the Conservative pantheon, there are only two options, Liberal or Conservative. If I say “Harper is a cumquat”, a Conservative will counter “oh yeah, Dion is worse”. Unfortunately, wearing the orange politically I’m forced to “defend” Layton, a person whom I find difficult at the best of times to defend, but that’s my burden to bear.


  4. For the record CPP, I’m serving military. Having said that, the goddamn conservatives were just as happy to eliminate our budget as the liberals were back when all you civilians hated us and would give them half a vote because of it. As I recall they made it a once a year event. Also, VIP tours (even prime ministerial ones ) are widely considered to be a pain in the ass for us rank and file because we have to be trotted out en-mass for photo ops and ego stroking. We don’t neccessarily support Harper because he’s conservative. We’ll support any politician who will prove that he or she will support us. This includes Elizabeth May (but I’m not holding my breath waiting for that one).


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