We now return to regular blogging habits…

If I’ve learned anything about myself, it’s that my brain has only room for one thing at a time. I’m not one of those people that can read and watch television at the same time. Or, for that matter, chat on MSN, play a video game, and text on my cell phone while still “doing my homework” like my Korean exchange student maintains she can.

In any case, my blogging has diminished in frequency lately, and it has nothing to do with boredom with it, or lack of interest in things political and cultural. Au contraire – times are indeed interesting – Alberto Gonzales is about to be hung by his gizzards, televangelists are finally dying off and learning just how silly and wrong they are, and Canadians are beginning to see Stephen Harper for the petty politico that he is.

No, blogging for a time has been set aside for my other hobby – running. For the past three months, I’ve been training hard for last weekend’s Blue Nose Marathon, and it kind of pushed pulling the wings off Tory flies aside for a time. Well, the race is done, my legs are very, very sore, and I now return to regular blogging. I will run more marathons in the future, maybe another one this year, but I don’t anticipate it will take as much of my attention now that the first one is done. That is, unless I decide to try to do an ultra or something silly like that.

For anyone interested my run, not that there is any reason on earth that you should be, I’ve written about it here.


One thought on “We now return to regular blogging habits…

  1. Congratultions on the marathon completion, kevvyd.
    And just so you don’t feel too badly about focusing on one thing at a time, the corporate dudes are realizing the “myth” of multi-tasking. Yes, workers can be made to do two or three or four things at a time but they don’t necessarily do them well because the brain gets too distracted and fragmented. Hewlard PAckard has done some interesting studies on this.


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