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Searching for The Fiddler, week 3

Here are Rodney’s newsworthy appearances of the week:

May 16: What happened to my nads?

Rodney MacDonald is refusing to criticize Nova Scotia’s three Tory MPs for voting in favour of the federal budget, even though it will force him “to roll the dice” on the offshore.

“It’s not about who voted for what and when,” he told reporters after cabinet Wednesday.

Mr. MacDonald denied his silence on Tuesday’s vote in the House of Commons means he’s going easy on his federal counterparts.
“There’s no kid gloves, I can assure you,” he said.

May 18: Summer student programs hit hard by federal Conservatives. The Rodney Program outputs an if/then statement (he likely wasn’t breifed on this)

“This mean-spirited action by the Conservatives is an attack on our economy and our culture,” he said in the House of Commons on Wednesday. “Worst of all, it is a mean-spirited attack on our students.”

Affected organizations in Cape Breton include the Neils Harbour Port Authority, Whitney Pier Day Care, Sydney Day Care, Miners Memorial Manor, Sydney Mines Pensioners, North Sydney Bartown Festival, Fort Petri and the United Way in Cape Breton.

Premier Rodney MacDonald learned of the cuts this week when some organizations contacted the province after they got their letters denying them federal funding. Mr. MacDonald said he was disappointed by the news, but he’s still waiting to find out just how many jobs Nova Scotia has lost.

“If there are reductions in summer jobs in our small rural communities, that’s unacceptable,” he said in Halifax on Thursday.

Mr. MacDonald said the province has doubled the number of student summer jobs it funds.

May 23: Oh Noes! The NDP are playing politics! How dare a political party do such a thing!

Nova Scotia Premier Rodney Macdonald is accusing opposition New Democrats of playing politics as they attempt to get Foreign Affairs Minister Peter MacKay to appear before the legislature’s public accounts committee.

Despite earlier agreement the committee’s three Tory members are now refusing to sign a letter asking that Mackay come explain the choice Ottawa gave Nova Scotia on the federal-provincial offshore accord.

That’s all for this week. All other Google hits were variations on Rodney’s decision to make Health Care Workers indentured servants.


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