Michael Moore

My respect only grows…

If you didn’t see it, Alternet has posted the Michael Moore “interview” with Wolf Blitzer the other night – it’s worth a watch, if only to see someone who’s quite good at media refuse to follow the script. Some might view this as foaming-at-the-mouth anger, but it’s not – Moore knows the drill – letting these guys ask the questions lets them frame the discussion, and that gives the game away from the outset. And he didn’t want that to happen.

Poor Wolfie.

As promised in the interview, Moore has posted corrections to Sanjay Gupta’s “facts” at his website or at Alternet here.

Moore isn’t fat – he’s an engine for a big pair of cajones.

8 thoughts on “My respect only grows…

  1. CNN’s unadvertised initials should mean Commercial Nickle Network as they fabricate stories/facts to keep the advertisers happy who pay their “nickle” each month. It has been proven over and over again that it is not a “news” network but rather at the level of Entertainment Tonight, catering to the advertisers point of view and only showing the point of view that will sell advertizing space. Way to go Micheal! Keep up the good work.


  2. You’re so right, Paul. Alas, the ship I’m sailing on has a satelite link for the computer that for some reason gets us one television channel. Only one.

    Fox News.


  3. The answer would obviously be “yes” if the channel was chosen. Alas, noone knows why we get only that channel. I blame Cheney – I expect that they are awaiting a visit and heaven forbid he would ever be expose to anything but the “fair and balanced” coverage. Snicker – it’s really a sight for sore eyes – and brains.


  4. Thanks Kevin,
    Luc Charles Arel Stiven has benefitted from good ol’ socialized medicine where we did not have to pay a cent extra above our provincial health care coverage(except maybe the cost of upgrading to a private room $40, which is completely acceptable in my books). Alberta is a bit like the US in that we do have to pay $88/Month for a family to get this provincial health care, but we do pay less taxes than anyone else in Canada so it is a bit of a trade off. Most employers cover this cost (not out of your pay) after you have worked with them for minimum three months.
    recently I spoke with a canadian who lived in the US and has since returned. She was shocked that even though she had health “insurance” a visit to the doctor to get a simple physical, pulse, blood pressure, reflexes and answer a few questions, (a get to know your new doctor style of appointment) She still had to pay an additional $60 for this! She is quite happy to be back in Canada.



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