Brain cells from testicles…

One day, they say, male patients may be able to turn to their own testicles as a source of stem cells to repair an ailing heart or kidney or to fix the brain damage caused by Alzheimer’s or Parkinson’s disease.

There’s a joke in here somewhere, I just know it…


A new low for Bush…

Just adding things up here: lying to start a war and lead directly to the deaths of maybe one million civilians and unhoming many millions more is okay, but calling George Bush’s new military bagman a name is disgusting.

What a pusillanimous turd.

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I wouldn’t believe it in a novel…

Sometimes the irony is so obvious that it would be too hard to accept in fiction. Today, the CBC reports that the Iranian president’s request to lay a wreath at the site of the World Trade Center was denied and called a “photo op” by Zalmay Khalilzad, the US ambassador to the UN.

I mean can you imagine anyone low enough to use the grounds of the former WTC as a photo op?

No, I mean, really?

Added White House spokesman Gordon Johndroe “We will be the only sponsor of state terrorism and producer of weapons of mass destruction to lay a wreath here, so sod off! I mean, you must have your own shrines in Iranistan, why do you need to come and walk all around ours?”

Nova Scotia

I smell a Guinness after work…

A few short days ago, Barry Barnett, Nova Scotia’s Health Promotion Minister, said that 20% of the province’s population consume alcohol in a manner harmful to their health, and that consumption leads to an estimate cost of $419 million to the province annually.

Naturally, this was followed up by an effort by the provincial government, lead by it’s liquor commission to reduce the consumption of alcohol among Nova Scotians in an effort to promote healthier living. Not! This is what would happen if in a sane province with a responsible government. Instead, the Nova Scotia Liquor Commission began a program of using scents to undercut consumers’ rational purchasing brain to promote the purchase of more liquor at Nova Scotia’s many liquor stores.

The commission defends the practice by saying the scented “advertisements” in the stores are intended to simply create an atmosphere in which a customer might be more likely to “up-buy” a more expensive product, not in fact purchase more. Most of us will recognize this as a minor twist on the argument tobacco companies used to try to keep advertisements in the public space – “we’re competing with each other, not promoting smoking per se“. It was a specious argument then, and it smells no different now.

If scents work this way, we could boost the sales of swankier prod more effectively, all the while reducing overall consumption by not excluding half of the power of scent. Why simply draw customers to the “better” selections with pleasant smells – why not push them their with unpleasant ones? You could blow the eau de ass and bag sweat in the Budweiser, Labbat’s and Molson sections of the beer aisle and draw customers to the Guinness and Propeller aisles with the smell of sweet fresh-mown lawn. Problem solved – the NSLC sells more expensive intoxicants while at the same time consumption does not increase.


Hang On, Let Me Check… Nope, She’s Still Dead, and I Still Don’t Care.

So, despite the disappointment at the lack of a second coming or some sort of resurrection based on the revenue earned from crappy teacups and exploitative pop songs, princess Diana is still dead. I can’t say I’m surprised – this sort of thing isn’t the sort of thing you get better from. Now, of course, this is the sort of thing that all of us are guaranteed to experience (from one perspective or another) at least once in our lives (minimum!), and I and many of my friends have suffered the loss of people close to us. I keep the memory of my loved ones alive by remembering the good times we shared, and, in the case of my Mom, trying to do good, and in so doing honor her memory.

What I do not do is obsess publicly about the loss of someone who was no longer a member by marriage of an archaic, elitist system of government which has become, over the course of centuries of oppression, outdated and inbred. She did good things.  Yes, fine. So did Mother Theresa, who died four days before Diana. She was good looking – okay, you got me there from a Mother Theresa perspective. And that’s what’s important about her, ten years after the fact.  She was no more worthy of worship than anyone who died that year – in fact, she was Paris Hilton before there was a Paris Hilton – famous for being famous.

Fine, commemorate whatever you want, it’s your choice. Just don’t expect me to care. I didn’t then, and I certainly don’t now.