Hang On, Let Me Check… Nope, She’s Still Dead, and I Still Don’t Care.

So, despite the disappointment at the lack of a second coming or some sort of resurrection based on the revenue earned from crappy teacups and exploitative pop songs, princess Diana is still dead. I can’t say I’m surprised – this sort of thing isn’t the sort of thing you get better from. Now, of course, this is the sort of thing that all of us are guaranteed to experience (from one perspective or another) at least once in our lives (minimum!), and I and many of my friends have suffered the loss of people close to us. I keep the memory of my loved ones alive by remembering the good times we shared, and, in the case of my Mom, trying to do good, and in so doing honor her memory.

What I do not do is obsess publicly about the loss of someone who was no longer a member by marriage of an archaic, elitist system of government which has become, over the course of centuries of oppression, outdated and inbred. She did good things.  Yes, fine. So did Mother Theresa, who died four days before Diana. She was good looking – okay, you got me there from a Mother Theresa perspective. And that’s what’s important about her, ten years after the fact.  She was no more worthy of worship than anyone who died that year – in fact, she was Paris Hilton before there was a Paris Hilton – famous for being famous.

Fine, commemorate whatever you want, it’s your choice. Just don’t expect me to care. I didn’t then, and I certainly don’t now.


One thought on “Hang On, Let Me Check… Nope, She’s Still Dead, and I Still Don’t Care.

  1. Thankfully, Diana actually did some good with her famousness, unlike “Ph Unbalanced”. I agree on all of your points. Its too bad they did not use all of the money spent on the pomp and ceremony and donate it to her charities.


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