The Plight of the Rich and Famous, Parts 1 and 2

1) Paris Hilton says she’s matured.

Well, that’s what pure cheese does. Ask the French.

2) Lindsay Lohan is Broke after Spending all her Money on Drugs and Alcohol.

That’s sad. No, wait, not sad…

Fucking hilarious.


2 thoughts on “The Plight of the Rich and Famous, Parts 1 and 2

  1. Lindsay Lohen is broke? Hilarious indeed. Remember that in the US you can be ‘broke’ and still own multi-zillion dollar homes (Chapter 13 repayment agreements). Besides which she has two movies slated for release in 2007 (Gossip Girl, based on some novel) and 2008 (The Fashionistas) in each of which I’m sure she plays a fish-out-of-water teenage girl who eventually learns to fit in. She’ll be fine.

    Paris Hilton has matured. So she now has the mentality of maybe a 13 year old? Great. No, wait: That’s so hot.


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