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The need for religion…

Being both an atheist and former (recovered?) Roman Catholic, I have been known to flip a finger once and a while to religions. Owing to my current reading material (thanks, Flash!), my normal passive disdain of things religious has elevated to a prickly disgust this week. Stories like the one about the teacher in Sudan getting jail-time for letting seven-year olds name a teddy bear “Mohammed”, don’t help.

And then there’s this one, about a Jehovah’s Witness kid who died after refusing to accept blood transfusions to treat his leukemia. I suppose he felt he was doing the right thing, and I have to support the freedom to waste his life however he wants (with a nod to caveats related to inflicting pain on others, of course…), but still, throwing a life away for bullshit like this is utter lunacy. In this specific case, the aunt that likely influenced (killed?) him with her Jehovah’s Witness beliefs should be charged with murder, manslaughter, something. Naturally, she was unavailable for comment – she was too busy washing her hands and hoping (praying?) that she did the right thing.

Sorry chicko, Occam’s Razor is rarely wrong, and it don’t need no stinking god to build a universe. You just killed your nephew – pray harder!

As the old adage says – It’s easy to get a bad person to do bad things. To get a good person to do bad things, you need religion.

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Now it’s just stupid…

For the fourth time, federal finance authorities cancelled a meeting to brief Nova Scotia MPs on the details of the purported new resource-sharing agreement, this time while the MPs waited at the door to get in.

Gee guys, do you think that there isn’t really an agreement in place yet? I was willing to give the Harpocracy the benefit of the doubt for a while, writing these agreements can be hard work and take time to draft, but this is simple disrespect. Since it’s now pretty obvious that there is *no* actual agreement in place, and the federal Liberals are going to back the Tories in any potential conflict until they get their act together, let’s go after the other liars in this little affair – Rodney MacDonald and the provincial Tories.

I heard this morning that MacDonald has decided to not make his bill to take away the right to strike from health-care workers a confidence motion because both opposition parties have declared their lack of support and, well, he hasn’t got a winning hand were an election called right now. In addition, and for the same reason, he likely will not allow a vote on the throne speech. It looks like he will continue to run and hide as best he can, but I implore Nova Scotia opposition members to bring his rinky-dink government down on any pretence – even on votes to save sad-eyed puppies or to make a holiday in February, just so we can see what the hell he signed with Harper.

I have a feeling they’ll find nothing but a granfaloon, but it’s good to air these things out, and it’s obvious that setting meetings ain’t gettin’ ‘er done.

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Update on the Atlantic Accord – not!

After keeping us in the dark about the details of the new Atlantic Accord for over a month, the federal Conservatives have decided that all good things are worth waiting for and post-poned the promised meeting with MP Bill Casey until next week. The reason for the delay is that Liberal MP Geoff Regan, who was also to attend the meeting, had to attend a funeral. As of now, no definite time has been set for the rescheduled meeting.

As they say, you pay for the whole seat, but you only need the edge…

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Give paw, give paw… There, that’s a good Democrat

The Democrats have formally rolled over for Michael Mukasey and assented to Bush’s pick for Attorney General even after he refused to give a straight answer on whether waterboarding is torture, whether there are any limits to executive power during time of war, or whether indeed the sky is blue. They must have been impressed with his openness and honesty.

Apparently, Democrats feel that Mukasey is the best they are going to get from Bush, showing again that they are absolute pussies. I have to wonder what would be so wrong with rejecting him outright and having Bush send in another, and then, if he/she is not suitable send him/her back and demand another, and so on. This is exactly what the Republicans would do if the tables were reversed, though it appears the Democrats are more terrified of being called “obstructionist” than actually showing that they’ve got a pair.

I don’t envy the choices the American Left are forced to make again and again…


Some things are beyond doubt…

If there was any remaining doubt about whether the American Democratic Party was a knot of absolute pussies, they were quelled today when critical support was given to an Attorney General nominee who isn’t sure waterboarding is torture.

What can be said but “holy fuck”? Wholly fucked?

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The new Atlantic Accord soon to step from the closet

With much foofarah, a few weeks back, the Nova Scotia provincial government “signed” an agreement with the federal government to replace the previously pissed-on Atlantic Accord, which governed the relationship between offshore resource revenue and equalization payments. Why the inverted commas? Well, aside from the happy handshake between PM Harper and Premier MacDonald, we have learned nothing about the actual text of the agreement, so I feel some justification in my skepticism.

It appears that finally we will learn something more about the details – three weeks after the “signing”. It was announced this morning that Liberal MP Roger Cuzner and now-Independent MP (and most popular Nova Scotian) Bill Casey will get to meet with Finance Minister Jim Flaherty Monday to discuss the agreement.

Maybe early next week I’ll learn why signing away money now in the hope that there will be more money in twelve years time is such a good idea. (Perhaps Premier MacDonald would prescribe to such a payment scheme for Nova Scotia premiers?)

Words about birds, hands, and bushes dance through my head…