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The new Atlantic Accord soon to step from the closet

With much foofarah, a few weeks back, the Nova Scotia provincial government “signed” an agreement with the federal government to replace the previously pissed-on Atlantic Accord, which governed the relationship between offshore resource revenue and equalization payments. Why the inverted commas? Well, aside from the happy handshake between PM Harper and Premier MacDonald, we have learned nothing about the actual text of the agreement, so I feel some justification in my skepticism.

It appears that finally we will learn something more about the details – three weeks after the “signing”. It was announced this morning that Liberal MP Roger Cuzner and now-Independent MP (and most popular Nova Scotian) Bill Casey will get to meet with Finance Minister Jim Flaherty Monday to discuss the agreement.

Maybe early next week I’ll learn why signing away money now in the hope that there will be more money in twelve years time is such a good idea. (Perhaps Premier MacDonald would prescribe to such a payment scheme for Nova Scotia premiers?)

Words about birds, hands, and bushes dance through my head…


One thought on “The new Atlantic Accord soon to step from the closet

  1. Yeah, I’m not happy about the province putting the symbolic tooth under the pillow, either. You never know when you wake up just exactly what will be under there. Looking forward to the followup, Kevvyd!


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