Democrats, politics, United States

Give paw, give paw… There, that’s a good Democrat

The Democrats have formally rolled over for Michael Mukasey and assented to Bush’s pick for Attorney General even after he refused to give a straight answer on whether waterboarding is torture, whether there are any limits to executive power during time of war, or whether indeed the sky is blue. They must have been impressed with his openness and honesty.

Apparently, Democrats feel that Mukasey is the best they are going to get from Bush, showing again that they are absolute pussies. I have to wonder what would be so wrong with rejecting him outright and having Bush send in another, and then, if he/she is not suitable send him/her back and demand another, and so on. This is exactly what the Republicans would do if the tables were reversed, though it appears the Democrats are more terrified of being called “obstructionist” than actually showing that they’ve got a pair.

I don’t envy the choices the American Left are forced to make again and again…

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