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Now it’s just stupid…

For the fourth time, federal finance authorities cancelled a meeting to brief Nova Scotia MPs on the details of the purported new resource-sharing agreement, this time while the MPs waited at the door to get in.

Gee guys, do you think that there isn’t really an agreement in place yet? I was willing to give the Harpocracy the benefit of the doubt for a while, writing these agreements can be hard work and take time to draft, but this is simple disrespect. Since it’s now pretty obvious that there is *no* actual agreement in place, and the federal Liberals are going to back the Tories in any potential conflict until they get their act together, let’s go after the other liars in this little affair – Rodney MacDonald and the provincial Tories.

I heard this morning that MacDonald has decided to not make his bill to take away the right to strike from health-care workers a confidence motion because both opposition parties have declared their lack of support and, well, he hasn’t got a winning hand were an election called right now. In addition, and for the same reason, he likely will not allow a vote on the throne speech. It looks like he will continue to run and hide as best he can, but I implore Nova Scotia opposition members to bring his rinky-dink government down on any pretence – even on votes to save sad-eyed puppies or to make a holiday in February, just so we can see what the hell he signed with Harper.

I have a feeling they’ll find nothing but a granfaloon, but it’s good to air these things out, and it’s obvious that setting meetings ain’t gettin’ ‘er done.


6 thoughts on “Now it’s just stupid…

  1. Throne Speeches are always confidence motions, if my recollection of Parliamentary procedures are accurate. I don’t think that’s up for debate, if you’ll pardon the pun.


  2. I might be wrong here, but I believe that they are confidence motions if they are put up for vote, but whether it goes to a vote is the premier’s choice. Something like that.


  3. Can Rodney touch anything without it instantly turning to stupid? He’s like 0 fer infinity on all the big files that’ve affected the province since becoming premier. Starting with the Diddling, continuing on through Fagegate (which is still going on, much to my amusement), and finishing (but not really) with the current anti-worker legislation and his failure at the Monty Hall test. He’s either extremely unlucky, extremely stupid, or both.


  4. The Throne Speech sets out the Government’s plan for the coming term, and, at least federally, is treated as a confidence vote in the ability of the guv’mint to guv. You have the Speech, then the Address in Reply, then debate, then the vote. The procedure is presumably similar provincially. Long live the British Empire!


  5. Flash,
    I’m not sure how this works within the parliamentary structure you speak of above, but from here I quote:

    Indeed, if MacDonald chooses to put his throne speech to a vote – which no Nova Scotia premier has done since 1998 – his government would fall if the New Democrats and Liberals chose to vote against it.

    Obviously, putting the throne speech to a public vote is not common in recent history in these here parts…


  6. On further investigation, you are entirely correct. Federally, the Speech from the Throne is a confidence vote, but not provincially. I was wrong, but I was confidently wrong, for what it’s worth.


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