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We do in fact live just north of the lunatic fringe…

I will have much more to say about Mitt Romney’s statement today, but I want to throw out this little gem to wolves:

Freedom requires religion, just as religion requires freedom

Do you think he means to enslave us atheists, or was he heading down the “atheism is just another religion” road?

I understand that he’s running for office as a member of a fucked-up cult in what has turned out to be effectively a theocracy and he has to say stuff like this, (just like he has to curse illegal immigrants while hiring them to clean his personal tennis court), but still, to see it spoken so baldly is startling. I also understand that he has no choice if he wants to win (and boy, does he!), that his only avenue to winning over the christofascists is to emphasize that the act of belief itself links his bizarro view of the afterlife with theirs, but it makes me that much happier to be on this side of the border.

Freedom requires religion! Do you think he sees the irony in that statement?

4 thoughts on “We do in fact live just north of the lunatic fringe…

  1. Um… this statement makes perfect sense. One of the reasons for the founding of this natyion was religious freedom, which means the freedom to choose to believe (or not believe) in whatever you want. Religion does not mean one believes in God. In a free society there will be religion.

    Your statements are pure bigotry.

    PS A “cult” by definition is not a ad thing. I know many mormons and that is, as you said, “fucked up”, we have different views of what that means


  2. To quote Bill Clinton,
    “Freedom of religion, not freedom from religion.”
    When I heard him say that it really tipped my thinking about the US to the negative.

    Oh, and only the last half of Mitt’s quote makes any sense, if you are talking about minority religions.

    What can you do, it’s an election year?


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