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The Necropublicans are getting what they deserve…

As one who follows US politics, I think we’re seeing an interesting phenomenon in the Republican leadership race – the chickens are coming home to roost. For the past thirty years or more, the Republicans have catered (pandered?) to the Christian Right, specifically targeting evangelical born-agains, to mobilize a high-voter-turnout segment of the population with hot-button issues like gay marriage and abortion. That this has largely worked is easy to see by looking at the division between red and blue states on these issues. That it was a cynical move simply to harness a voter base is obvious now that an actual evangelical, a guy that actually believes the stuff, is leading the leadership race and open panic in Washington is setting in. Huffpost and TPM have good summaries of the fun and games.

Where this goes is anybody’s guess. If Huckabee does win the leadership, my feeling is that he will have his ass handed to him by whoever the Dems put up, even Hillary. If this happens, it will be a watershed moment for the cozy relationship between the evangelicals and the Republican Party – the Republicans do not like to lose, and they wouldn’t think twice about chewing off the limb that holds them in the trap. Of course they wouldn’t openly cut their ties, but things will frost over and that voter block will likely once again become mobile.

What happens next is simple conjecture. The “Christian Right” might dissolve as a voting block, some voters staying Republican, others drifting toward centerist Democrats, and others just not voting, but I would not be all that surprised at all to see a powerful third-party movement arise.

I simply don’t want to think about a Huckabee Administration. I just heard Ron Paul ominously quoting Sinclair Lewis – “if fascism arrives in the US, it will be wrapped in the flag and carrying a cross”. He’s absolutely right, of course – anyone that thinks fascism can’t happen here because we don’t have German or Italian accents is a fool.


5 thoughts on “The Necropublicans are getting what they deserve…

  1. McCain’s resurgence is interesting; I hadn’t actually given him up for dead, but just about. Now that Romney’s lead appears to have vaporized and the right side of the party has gone to Huckagod, the centre might suddenly be available for him, so he’s got a real chance. Unfortunately for him, I think hugging Bush literally and figuratively will cost him the middle-ground in an election and any talk of a McCain administration will be purely moot.

    As for what I think it would be like, well, it would be more of the same as we’ve had I think, as he’s already essentially validated all of Bush’s major foreign policy disasters.


  2. We think Huckabee will fade. Not so many evangelicals in NH. McCain will be stronger there. He didn’t put much into Iowa and as much as came third.The big Q is will Obama fade. Should be interesting to watch anyway.


  3. Obama’s and Clinton’s performances last night are making for a real interesting situation on the Democrat side. If Hillary can pull things back together in NH, she still looks like the winner to me, but if it goes to Obama, I wouldn’t be surprised to see a fast swing in line behind him for the rest of the ride. A coronation of sorts. I haven’t checked the NH polls today, so I don’t know what the situation there is, but it *is* interesting.

    As for McCain, I think he looks better and better with the magnitude of the Huckabee victory last night. I mean, Romney got *trounced*, and moderate Republicans are going to look for the next viable alternative, and as I’ve said before, I think Huckabee is unelectable. There is no way they are going to swing to Guiliani, late strategy or no, and I don’t think anyone is taking Thompson seriously. As for poor Mitt, well, I don’t think they’re ready to go with a Mormon just yet. Especially one that was pro-choice before he was against abortion.

    Of course, Ron Paul has a blimp.


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