Bush, Fox, Karl Rove, wincing Bush apologists

The circle is completing itself…

First, Tony Snow goes from telling lies for the Bush administration on Fox News to doing it in the Whitehouse. Now it looks like Karl Rove is reciprocating by moving from the Whitehouse to Fox News.

Help us all…


4 thoughts on “The circle is completing itself…

  1. Sorry, link didn’t work – meant to say with Fox News tanking in the ratings, Rove’s sure to prop them up – after all, look at Bush’s general approval ratings…


  2. I have read in a couple of places, I’ll look if I can find them later, that the Democratic Party boycott of Fox has really hurt them and may well batter them hard over the next year.



  3. Salon.com has a pretty good article on it – you’re right, the Democrat’s boycott has a lot to do with it, but there’s also the factor that they’d attached themselves pretty firmly to Guilliani’s rear end, and with him gone, out of the remaining four, 3 of them aren’t exactly big fans of Faux News and vice versa of course.


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