2008 leadership, Hillary Clinton

You knew it couldn’t last…

One of the ballsiest things the Democrats have done in recent years has been icing out FuxNoise. After caving to the Necropublicans in the Senate and Congress with a majority in both, making Fux pay for their slander by cutting access to half of the presidential race showed that there was at least someone with a pair somewhere in the DLC.

Well, all is well again – the Clinton campaign has caved in and agreed to a February debate on the Noise. I can only hope that Obama says no, leaving Hillary alone on the stage to freeze.

“In a one-one race it is important for voters to see the [candidates] side by side and see the differences as opposed to seeing them at rallies and big events,” said Penn (Clinton’s chief strategist).

I agree 100%, however they can be seen every bit as well on CNN or NBC as Fox.


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