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A new ‘Creation Museum’ – Who was it that said: “There is no fool like a deliberate fool”?

These edifices to idiocy  have made the ‘kog roll of lunacy before. But, it *has* been awhile, so I thought we might revisit this little tidbit of born-again stupidity.   Don’t most US states have fraud laws?


14 thoughts on “A new ‘Creation Museum’ – Who was it that said: “There is no fool like a deliberate fool”?

  1. Why is it that journalists, in their effort to “be fair” or something, have to say shit like:

    Everybody who works at the museum has to sign on to the belief that the living Earth was created in six 24-hour days – rejecting the convention most scientists view as fact, that life evolved slowly over millions of years.

    Why not replace the emphasised section with “the reality”? Just because some fools disbelieve reality does not mean you have to couch your language in deference to their beliefs. Their beliefs are simply wrong, and to bend over backwards to “be fair” is ridiculous.

    Creationists are stupid hicks. There, I’ve said it – stupid fucking hicks. Bring on the hate mail.


  2. One might wonder how many of the third world’s poor and unfortunate might have received life saving food and medicine for the $27 000 000 price tag that icon to ignorance cost. Shouldn’t such mercies be the pre-occupation of *good* christians following their scriptures? As opposed to wasting inordinate amounts of moneyon willful stupidity?


  3. I wonder if the author of the article was using both meanings of the word committed in the following passage:
    “There is no mention of dinosaurs anywhere in the Bible, but for every sceptic, there is a committed Christian eager to listen and proselytise.”
    I am sure they were committed to the local sanitorium at one point or other.



  4. Paul, Bible literalists *have* to account for dinosaurs whether they are mentioned in the Bible or not. The problem for them is that if you don’t believe the Bible is the literal Truth ™, then you have to pick and choose which bits of it to believe and which to consider bullshit symbolic, which diminishes the strength of the argument that it is the inerrant Word of God ™. Hence, when Obvious Bullshit, like a six day Creation, collides with reality (like a dinosaur fossil), you have to try to torture reality into agreement with the Obvious Bullshit, because Obvious Bullshit can’t bend, move or be modified as it is the Word of God and therefore trumps reality.

    Hence, if you are a christian, you are stuck with a six day Creation, stoning non-virgin wives, and slave ownership.

    For Bible literalists, the Inerrant Word of God is a package deal.


  5. This doesn’t really add much to the arguement but I felt the need to inject some sarcasm. If I were to market an edition of the bible as something called “The Big Book of Jewish Folk Tales” how long do you think it would take before the similarity was noticed?


  6. Good question, Doug. I wonder how many Bible literalists hold to the 144,000 going to heaven in Revelations? I mean, if the Bible is true isn’t it likely that the quota is already met and you might as well do whatever the fuck you want?


  7. I also can’t help but be snarky and sarcastic. So here goes: I propose to add another exhibit to complete the museum. It would have Darwin recanting on his death bed, as we all know he did. So if you meet any “evolutionists/atheists/sinners who believe in human reason” we can convince them of the error of their ways. If the creation museum or the bible said it, it IS TRUE!


  8. Gee, Bre, I don’t know what’s funnier – the fact that you’ve mustered up the sad, old, pathetic, and debunked lie about Darwin’s deathbed recantation, or the fact that it took you 7 1/2 months to come up with it. Kinda proves the original poster’s point, doesn’t it?


  9. Are people still dragging out that old Darwin nugget? I guess when you’ve accepted the “truth” about a heavenly creator for all things, literal “truth” is a mere trifle.


  10. Well, you know Kevvyd, when you’ve been mining the same book for 2000 years without moving past it, you’re bound to be a wee bit resistant to learning new things.


  11. my question to all these literal christians would have to be this, one question that I have yet to get an answer to other than “Because God said so”. So here we go.

    If God created Adam and Eve, the only two people that he created. So therefore Adam and Eve had sex, they had kids, who had sex with each other, and had kids and so on.

    So if creation is true, why dont we all look like rejects from the movie deliverance after all these millions of years of inbreeding


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