Radio 2

CBC has announced its intention to revamp Radio 2 programming. Hmmm, how about unfucking Radio 1, too? It used to be that in the evenings I could get some decent classical music at bedtime, but now I have to listen to ponderous reruns of Gregory Charles and that asshole Ghomeshi as they try to show me how much more they know about music than I do (they do) and why I *have* to listen to such-and-such a song this season (I don’t).


4 thoughts on “Radio 2

  1. (random stranger, here to rant a little in agreement…)

    I’m so tired of ‘revamps’. It was only, what, a year ago that they revamped the evening schedule and I lost Brave New Waves and After Hours, now I get to see my favourite morning shows bite the dust as well.

    I’ve been a CBC listener for most of my life and this kind of garbage is making it more and more likely that I will just stop listening to Radio 2. And I’d rather sit in silence than listen to Jian at any hour of the day.

    Dammit. I guess I’d better enjoy Music and Company while it lasts.


  2. Words almost fail me – I’m almost incoherent with despair. I love classical music, and now I know, really know, what it feels like to be a member of a marginalized group. Rather than build up the audience for classical music, they’re dumbing down Radio 2 yet more in an attempt to boost their audience numbers. Programs with intelligent hosts are axed and we’re left with porridge.
    If there’s any justice, the executroids who perpetrated this holocaust will find themselves out on the street with no hope of future employment.


  3. I really wish I could say that I liked jazz music, as it sounds like that is the only thing they aren’t going to mess with. Does Michael Enright have something on the management of CBC?


  4. I’m with you to a point. There’s been a long slow deterioration of Radio 1, but they won’t fix it by adding more music. Radio 1 should stick to talk (including talk about music), and people can turn to Radio 2 (or elsewhere) for music. The evening rehash makes sense for people who can’t listen during the day… although they should do less of it, and IMO leave out Shelagh Rogers. (If there is a demographic that can stand Sounds Like Canada, I suspect it’s a morning group.)

    I’m warming up to Jian Gomeshi. He covers some intersting stuff. This week he did a good interview with a Picasso biographer – my only complaint was it should have been longer.


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