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C-10. C-10 Run. Run, 10, Run.

First of all: sorry. Really. I couldn’t help myself. Didn’t even try, actually.

I should be careful – the Cons could decide that my opinions don’t conform to their idea of ‘artistic expression’ and increase the taxes I pay on my Net access.

You know, an attempt to create a fully-fledged Canadian Hays Office (Look it up, people!) by manipulating tax laws, thereby creating the opportunity to allow what some (Conservative-appointed) committee decides is legitimate art to flourish, while condemning what they feel is offensive, well, that disturbs me. What disturbs me more is that this self-righteous, evangelistic, narrow-minded bible thumper thinks this is a good thing. Which means, logically, it can’t be.

Look, who are you to decide what is ‘right’ or ‘proper’ for me to see? What gives you the right to decide that your moral code is the one that is absolutely and unquestionably correct? Richard Dawkins is completely spot on when he asserts that religion has been afforded respect it does not deserve. Why should I be silent just because the purveyor of elitist, racist, superstitious nonsense is a representative of some set of rituals and beliefs that are specifically designed to make a person set aside rationality and abandon curiosity in favour of blind faith? I shouldn’t be – no citizen of conscience should.

Anyway, I must tip my hat to the National Socialists Conservatives for attempting to impose their outdated views of morality by a means that at least suggests a level of creativity, much like chimpanzees are known to occasionally use tools. Der Harpenfuehrer is continually trying to pull shit like this, but they do it in such a ham-handed fashion, it’s like planning a bank robbery and having one of the steps be purchasing t-shirts that read “Bank Robber”.

I suppose, given the consistency of the Liberal leader (the consistency of melted ice cream), I need to resign myself to living in a country in which the government has an unwarranted amount of influence on the arts, attempts to regulate the press by tightly controlling information, does not share information on its activities with its constituents, and decides in an autocratic fashion how they think the country should be run, citizenry be damned. Oh, and they exert undue influence on the police. And regulatory agencies. And the military.

I have just one question:

When did I move to China?

Addendum, March 25: Sincere apologies to Briguy, should have linked to this.


4 thoughts on “C-10. C-10 Run. Run, 10, Run.

  1. Sounds a little too disturbingly like Nazi Germany, or Orwell’s Oceania, doesn’t it Flash? I wonder if those forms of artistic expression deemed unworthy will be considered un-canadian? It certainly is a tip-of-the-hat to Uncle Joe McCarthy.

    However, resigning oneself to the status quo, is precisely what is wrong with most of us canadians, and the reason our government get such an easy ride when they are running rough-shod over explicit public opinion (be it Mulrooney, Chretien, or Harper doing the trampling). No, resigning ourselves to Harper is running a very Niemoller-esque risk:

    When the Harp-stapo came for the artists,
    I remained silent.
    I was not an artist…

    The conservo-schmucks need to go, and soon. While we’re at it the neolib goons should go too.
    In the words of Douglas Adams: “… a bunch of mindless jerks, who’ll be the first ones against the wall when the Revolution comes…”
    IF it comes…


  2. Anyone else think that we need to legislate against sanctimonious god-botherers. Someone tell me what this particular god-botherer’s group does to help anyone. I am deafened by the silence. They exist because they insist that the rest of the world believe what they believe and want to hammer the rest of us into their mold. If the conservatives want to cut tax benefits to Canadian film productions that they feel would offend the citizens then they should realize that there’s a two edged sword in that belief. I’m deeply offended by those who claim to be keepers of any absolute that automatically condemns non-followers. I’m willing to bet that I’m not alone there. I’m also deeply offended that the liberals and Dion are so scared of losing the next election that they seem willing to bow to Harper’s every wish in order to put it off indefinitely. Do.Your.Damned.Job. Part of that job is to protect us from packs of intolerant bastards like the CFAC.


  3. In the immortal words of the all-too-mortal Frank Zappa:

    …tax the fuck out of the churches.

    If the God-Botherers and Lible Thumpers were a little more concerned about their financial survival they might leave us the fuck alone instead of spending their idle time trying to make Canada into an after-school special.

    Idle hands are the devil’s plaything. Ironic, what?


  4. I’m fascinated that the bible-thumping hypocrites want to return us to the glory days of the 1950’s, as if the ideal society was one that recognized the supremacy of the white male.

    “I just don’t see why people won’t get on board with this – institutionalized racism and sexism, abuse of all kinds kept behind closed doors instead of exposed to the light of day. I think people are discriminating against me for not accepting my worldview, since I know what’s best for all those uppity women, liberals and blacks!”


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