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Hillary under fire for not being under fire

Hillary Clinton has been beating the experience drum for the past couple of months since her once-commanding lead in the polls vaporized. You’d think she’d had 20 years or more in elected office to hear her speak. Unfortunately, her senatorial experience is only a couple of years longer than Obama’s, and is made most noteworthy by her voting to approve spreading Bush’s Mid-East conflict to Iraq. While technically experience, helping to send trillions of dollars down the toilet and thousands of lives into the void is not apparently what the Democrats are looking for this time around.

Thus, she has been forced to rely on her experience as wife of the governor of Arkansas and First Lady. Of course, this is impressive, but it’s hardly Obama’s fault that he didn’t marry a future president in college (or did he? Da-da-da-daaaaa…), so I’m not exactly sure how this is supposed to read on the resume, unless she’s applying for a business loan for an internet dating start-up.

“Hmmm, how to elevate this resume?” I can hear her say. “How about, I was First Lady under gunfire in Bosnia and I didn’t even flinch!” That’s much better, not really germaine to anything, but gunfire is involved so it might appeal to the NRA, and it’s directed at the Clintons, so it might sway the Christian right. Too bad it’s all turned out to be bullshit. Or, rather in today’s no-blame admission blather she mispoke.

You would think she would know that everytime the Leader of the Free World ™ came for a visit, someone was going to film their arrival. And that maybe, in a country that has turned the democratic process into an 18-month long reality tv series, ads and stunts included, just maybe, someone would look for this film?

This is the kind of mistake someone makes when they are just dog-tired at saying the same old crap over and over again, but still, it’s dumb. It’s an especially stupid mistake to make for someone who claims to be the more competent leader even in the middle of the night when the phone rings and she’s dog-tired.

3 thoughts on “Hillary under fire for not being under fire

  1. And of course it also fits the narrative, some of it deserved, of the Clintons as serial exaggerators, even liars who will say or do anything for power.

    Hillary is now locked into a tactical model of winning at any cost that will get increasingly ugly. She has almost no chance of winning at all and no chance whatsoever of winning clean. Any victory over Obama at this point will have to be sleazy, ugly and ultimately Pyrrhic. If the super delegates were to hand her the win in defiance of the democratic results it would tear the party apart and fatally and permanently disengage African Americans from the political process for generations.

    The only question remaining; are her ambitions more important to her now than the Democratic party winning the white House?


  2. It’s interesting to see the Democratic Party learning the lessons that the Republicans have learned – the Clintons are nothing if not ambitious. I can’t imagine a worse outcome for the Democrats than the supredelegates handing the victory to Hillary, even if her campaign catches fire in the next couple of months and wins big to catch up. You can tell from the media reports in the last couple of weeks that the focus is now on how to define a victory in such a way as to justify moving the superdelegates – based on popular vote, delegate count, states won, large states won, etc.

    Like you, I think the Dems will live and die by this decision – if they go with Obama they create a big tent that brings black voters in for the first time, and if they go with Hillary there is a very real chance those voters walk out the door and don’t ever look back.

    No, I don’t pretend to being unbiased in this – I feel it’s crucial for the US and us that the Dems win this time around, and I think that they have to have Obama for that to happen.

    And they have to have Obama leading a unified party, not one torn in half by a divisive leadership campaign. The choice really is Hillary’s – she can try to win clean, win dirty, or hand it over to Obama. The tactics in recent weeks have shown that she doesn’t intend to keep things clean, so that leaves dirty or failure. Either of these two options will be bad for the party if the fight is dirty enough.


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