Battle-Scarred Atlantica: Episode 1

So, on my television this morning, we had the leader of the Atlantica Party explaining (vaguely) his idea of the benefits of Atlantic Canadian union. He indicated that the idea for the Party originated when he returned from Out West, and “fell in with a bunch of freethinkers”.

I am somewhat troubled by his reference to ‘freethinkers’. In a democracy, aren’t we all theoretically free thinkers? Granted, not everyone avails themselves of the right to intelligently dissent, but the label ‘freethinker’ strikes me as being elitist and arrogant on first blush. The name also gets applied to purveyors of useless ‘alternative’ or ‘new age’ medicines who claim to know things THEY don’t want you to know about – the THEY being those parts of the government charged with the safety of consumers. How dare they impose on the freethinker’s useless ideas?

The idea also carries baggage in reference to the proposed union of the Atlantic Provinces, implying that this is a new idea – far from it, it’s a concept that has naturally been discussed over the past few hundred years. The similarities of industry, culture, geography, demographics and so on have prompted this discussion every fifty years or so – I guess it’s time. I would argue, however, that time has marched on, and the idea is outdated and simplistic.

I decided to visit their website, and I found it interesting that they see Atlantic Canada as having ‘no future’ and being ‘impoverished’, something that uniting the provinces would supposedly rectify.

Taking the ongoing demographic change in Atlantic Canada as but one example, I would expect that people would leave Atlantica about as fast as they are leaving the individual provinces, they’d just have a bigger province to come back to when they retire.

Anyway, as intriguing as this all is, the Party is holding an event on March 31 at my local library. I plan to attend, if only to gather more blog fodder. Consider me your humble correspondent, and I expect a few of my compatriots from the ‘Kog will join me in my quest for…whatever I seem to be questing for. If a total of four people show up for this meeting, as was the case at the last meeting, I think ‘Kog writers will for once constitute a political majority. We need to enjoy that while it lasts.

What will we encounter when we confront the Freethinkers? Truth? Maybe. Entertainment? Definitely. Stay tuned.

5 thoughts on “Battle-Scarred Atlantica: Episode 1

  1. Flash,
    I look forward to the meeting to hear what they have to say. As of this moment I’m not really in favour of integration, but I’m interested to hear the arguments for it and against.

    I hesitate to use phrases like “no future”, but there is definitely not much going on around here these days.


  2. If I remember my ‘Kog history the Atlantica Party raised it’s Family Compact hating head once before on this site. At the time I wasn’t sure how much they had to do with the business fuckwads (I realize it’s a very rude term but check them out, they deserve worse)who use the same term. If the website is an indication there’s no connection but they might be keeping quiet on that score.For that matter, I’ve lived in the Maritimes all my life and have heard this old chestnut pop up regularly.The energy expended could probably serve the purpose better if they’d get off the “One Province” fixationand refocus it elsewhere. In any case I do agree with their premise that we sorely need some fresh thinking in this part of the world. I’m not sure if they’re the ones I’d want to see doing it without having a good long peer into their darker corners though.


  3. As an addendum to my previous post, I’ve been looking at the Atlantica Party’s recommended reading list on their site. Unless it’s a very clever subterfuge by the AIMS people there is no way that they’re associated with the Atlantica Business Corridor and union-busting group. The Atlantica Party people look to be better read for one thing. I still think that they bear closer examination though.


  4. Hi all again,

    I look forward to meeting all of you on March 31. Sharpen your sling and arrows! (I mean that metaphorically of course).

    I used the term ‘free thinkers’ to mean thinking outside the box, a sort of back to basics lets start from scratch approach to helping the region rather than use the existing system as a jumping off point for a solution (like lets all join an entrenched party).

    Remember that Union is just one part of the platform, lets not fixate. Our electoral and political reforms are meant as a way to elevate the quality of political discourse in interesting ways, as a sort of inner strengthening.

    Wow you guys are suspicious! What do we need to do to convince you we are completely independent. My bio is on the website, you can run my name through the net, RCMP, Interpol …. In our last Kog discussion I said you could check my drivers license or go through my pockets, so you will get the chance Monday night!




  5. Mr. Dean,

    Looking forward to hearing what you have to say. My somewhat opinionated persona notwithstanding, I will listen and evaluate as fairly as I am able.


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