CBC runs to the concert hall doors…

I’m absolutely certain the announcement today that the CBC is killing its Radio Orchestra, combined with its earlier announcement that it is “revamping” its Radio 2 schedule in no way means it has lost its commitment to classical music in Canada. Why am I certain? Because Jennifer McGuire of CBC English Radio said so:

We know for example that for a concert that we fund through our CBC Radio Orchestra, we can extend our reach to three by doing it through other musical organizations

See? It’s all about efficiency – more classical music per dollar spent, in this case three classical music units (CMUs) per concert dollar spent.

And why stop at increasing efficiency at mere money when you can extend it to time? That is exactly what the previously-announced gutting revamping of the schedule is all about. Where currently you turn on the radio during the day and hear clearly inefficient classical music, you will soon be able to listen to obviously more efficient (in CMUs per hour) programs of pop, jazz, and classical hits programs.

A quick view of the new schedule might lead one to the incorrect conclusion that there is actually going to be less classical music on the air, not more, but this would be a misreading – these programs are more efficient and can deliver more music in less time by concentrating on the “hits” – the classic classical. That’s two “classics” in one piece – two CMUs for every ditty, as long as we stay away from any of those less “accessible” by composers whose names aren’t Mozart and Beethoven (and Vivaldi at the equinoxes).

CBC is obviously maintaining its commitment to classical music. And pigs will obviously come winging out of my asshole any minute.

2 thoughts on “CBC runs to the concert hall doors…

  1. Funny. I always thought that one of the hallmarks of artistic expression is that it is…inefficient. Creating a sense of enjoyment or stirring emotions, both positive and negative, through the expression of creativity is not necessary to the operation of a society from a purely needs-based perspective, but I wouldn’t want to live in a society that completely devalues it.


  2. Concert Halls and original music. But who hears this? Only where there are Radio 2 feeds–not the whole country. Changing programming and disbanding the radio orchestra will not solve funding problems and ratings will not improve so long as only a portion of the population of Canada even gets to hear radio 2. Serius does not carry this station; satellite is not accessible to all and hearing it on the internet requires high speed–also not available to rural communities. Culture and music should be universally accessible.


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