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Stephane Dion tells the country – “I have balls!”

Stephane Dion has called for party discipline amid open discussion of his unfit leadership of the natural governing party of Canada. In an attempt to tell his party insiders to sit down and shut up, he has merely confirmed that he has little control over the party – that in fact, he has no balls.

Riddle me this – can you imagine Stephen Harper calling for party discipline? No, he would simply raise one pudgy arm and send the offenders out of caucus never to be a Tory again. Say what you want about Harper’s ability to lead this country (he can’t) and his vision for it (ummm… Victorian?), he has balls and can lead his party. Or should I say Party?

Dion has none and can’t. I’ve no idea what his real vision for Canada is, but it won’t matter, because he is as close to power as he’s ever going to get.

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