2008 leadership, willful blindness to absurd extremes

John F McCain?

One has to wonder what the voters of his home state must think of Joe Lieberman. I mean, how retarded does one have to be to see John McCain as Kennedyesque?

Except for the age, the near-total lack of personality, and the dearth of a compelling vision for the country, he’s nearly not at all the same! Wait – bipedal, carbon-based, male. Okay, now I’m onboard.

I’ve got to think that he’s angling to be the first person to be the failed vice-presidential nominee for two different parties.


2 thoughts on “John F McCain?

  1. Maybe he’s become delusional as he’s aged. It could be that his mind has degraded to the point where it fills in the cognitive gaps with randomly selected memories or maybe he’s just hitting the whisky to hard to think straight, I really don’t know for sure. However, if you put money on he’s backing the candidate by whom he’ll benifit most and who’l do the least damaged to a carefully constructed world-view that’s turning out to be wrong, I think your money is safe.Leiberman seems a bit fixated on staying in the Iraq war. It doesn’t surprise me that he prefers the guy that shares that fixation


  2. I apologize for the miriad of spelling mistakes in my last post. Next time I promise to wait untilat least an hour after I’ve woken up. Still think I’m on the right track though.


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