2008 leadership

Is an Obama surge beginning?

Are we starting to see Democrats beginning to line up behind Obama? The Gallup daily poll now has Obama 10% ahead of Clinton nationally, which, while statistically significant, might still be a blip. I have a feeling, however, that more and more Democrats are beginning to worry about the ultimate result of a fight-to-the-death showdown on the convention floor, and are beginning to line up behind the front-running Obama. If this trend continues, and with the news that Obama is opening up a big lead in the very strange Texas delegate selection process, the tenacity of the Clinton campaign will be harder to justify, a win in Pennsylvania or no.

As I’ve written before, I do not believe Clinton should quit – I think it’s important to have (at least) two viable candidates up to the convention, but if her desire really is about what is best for the party, it would be to her credit to limit the campaign to attacks on the very-easy-to-attack John McCain and the Necropublicans, rather than helping Rove and the boys by doing their knife work for them on Obama.

Fighting a pitched battle in a losing cause can be considered noble in some circumstances, but if it leads to a badly split party going into the election campaign, it is worse than folly. The Democratic nominee will have to face the Rovians soon enough, there’s little to be gained by a trial by fire now.


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