How could Air Canada possibly get any worse?

I hate flying – it’s a total pain in the ass. Among the things I love least about it are: lost luggage, gnawing hunger, traffic circling, canceled/over-booked flights, strip-search/anal probe, and snarling asshole stewards (Air Canada’s speciality!). Well, it’s about to get even more fun when I will soon be able to listen to the fat asshole overflowing his seat next to me shouting into his Blackberry as if his life depended on it.

If it weren’t so much more expensive, the train would be a great alternative, however as my wife and I found out this weekend when making plans for the family summer vacation, VIA has managed to price itself out of any usefulness whatsoever. I’m all for taking the more environmentally friendly method, but not if it takes two days longer *and* costs five times as much.

Two rants for the price of one today!