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I Don’t Not Understand Perfectly, Thank You.

I’m intrigued by the concept of the fake fraud. Does that mean the activity is legitimate?

I understand what the point is here, but for goodness’ sake, could the CBC proofread their headlines once in a while?

Another proud example of genuine imitation journalism.

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The roots of religion run deep

This can be thrown out almost without comment. It was reported that underneath the soon-to-be-opened new home of the New York Yankees was a Boston Red Sox jersey – buried by a Red Sox fan wanting to “jinx” the team. A thinking human being in control of his or her faculties would laugh it off, but sports fans are apparently not thinking beings. Instead of leaving it be, the Yankees investigated and dug out the offending piece of cloth.

What’s more, they are considering pressing charges against what the Yankee’s president called “a very, very bad act”.