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The roots of religion run deep

This can be thrown out almost without comment. It was reported that underneath the soon-to-be-opened new home of the New York Yankees was a Boston Red Sox jersey – buried by a Red Sox fan wanting to “jinx” the team. A thinking human being in control of his or her faculties would laugh it off, but sports fans are apparently not thinking beings. Instead of leaving it be, the Yankees investigated and dug out the offending piece of cloth.

What’s more, they are considering pressing charges against what the Yankee’s president called “a very, very bad act”.


5 thoughts on “The roots of religion run deep

  1. Are you sure you mean “religion”? Sounds more like superstition. At any rate, most ‘fan’atics of this kind (bosox or yankee, take your pick)tend to come from gene pools so shallow (hence the obsession with something so stupidly trivial); that using the word “deep” in relation to anything they do seems oxymoronic.


  2. I’m really not sure what to say in the face of this level of lunacy. Maybe we can sell them some rocks that keep tigers away. Because what good on this earth are people that are that stupid if I cn’t profit from them?


  3. graven – religion, superstition, it’s all really the same, no? If there’s a real difference, it’s merely one of structure.

    Doug – flash is starting up his own faith-based group; maybe you can get in on the ground floor before the first pillage, er, pilgrimage.


  4. Are we going to get into one of those discussions of definitions again? Technically, religion and superstition are NOT synonyms – except in the minds of those who have decided that ALL religion is false. You are biased Kevvy. Tsk,tsk,tsk… so narrow-minded.


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