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Just when you thought it couldn’t get any dumber…

We have Michele Malkin, fashionista. If ever there was a better demonstration that the “war on terror” really is a war on common sense, I haven’t seen it. If there is anything dangerous in this Dunkin’ Donuts ad foolishness, it has nothing to with what Rachel Ray is wearing but rather the overly-sugared lard that she and DD promote on the increasingly corpulent North American population.

If you’ll excuse me, I gotta get me a table cover tie, so I can go to work “in solidarity”.

Stupid fucks.

Stephen Harper

Even I have to admit when Harper does something right

And by “right”, I mean “correct”:

PM announces stricter definitions for ‘made in Canada’ labels

Harper said that’s because under current Canadian law, if 51 per cent of the production costs were incurred in Canada and the last substantial transformation of the product occurred in Canada, it is legal to use those labels.

“Under our new rules, if something in the grocery store is marked product of Canada, it must mean all or virtually all the contents are Canadian,” Harper said.

The made-in-Canada label will mean the product was manufactured or processed in Canada. While such a product can include non-Canadian contents, the label must make it clear by specifying it was made in Canada with imported ingredients, Harper said.

Kudos to Harper for doing something correct. In principle, I like this idea, and I wonder why nobody else has addressed the problem in the past 140 years. 🙂

Although it may have something to do with this amazing Marketplace piece, first aired last October and rebroadcast this week:

Product of Canada, eh?

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Common sense missing amongst NS Conservatives

Minister’s son crashes government vehicle

Ms. Streatch told reporters Monday about the accident. She had sent Jordan to the store for ice cream early Saturday evening, and he went off the road in New Ross.

He and his girlfriend, who was with him, weren’t hurt. There’s no estimate on the damage yet.

“In hindsight, now I realize that wasn’t a wise decision,” said Ms. Streatch, who brought a family vehicle to Province House.

No shit, Sherlock. Your lovely government-owned SUV would cost the average Nova Scotian $35,249 (assuming no extras), or a whopping $833/mo to lease. You couldn’t muster enough brain power to decide that your 17 year old son shouldn’t be making milk runs with a new vehicle that the government has entrusted to you? On the assumption that you’ll use it for ministerial business, no less? It looks like the Liberals don’t have a stranglehold on the culture of entitlement in this province.

To those who would apologize for Streatch, saying that she “did the right thing”: No, she didn’t. She eventually attempted to pay for a huge lapse in judgement, by offering to cover the difference in insurance costs. That is in no way the same as doing the right thing. Doing the right thing would entail using the ministerial vehicle for ministerial purposes only. I like Frank Corbett’s quote (from the linked article):

It’s the old saying about this government, is when they’ve exhausted every other avenue, they’ll do the right thing.

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Hillary, John McCain’s balls, and a bowlful of Vermont sorrow

It seems to be all but official now – the Clinton campaign is going to use what HuffPo calls the “nuclear option” and will try to reinstate Florida’s and Michigan’s delegates. If there was ever any doubt that Hillary would do whatever it takes to win it is now settled.

She has drank beer with the dirty, called her opponent (who was *not* born into money) an elitist, lied about snipers, threatened to nuke Iran, promised a gas-tax holiday that no sane person thinks would do anything positive and now she has thrown down the gauntlet and threatens to tear the party in half over a procedural vote that will destroy any goodwill that might have come out of a more positive campaign. If successful, it might be enough to put her in the seat at the top of the smoking ruins of her party, but if not, her plaintive whine about “the residents of Michigan and Florida not getting the vote” will suck the wind of the respective state organizing committees, making the Republicans job easier in two states that the Dems really need to win in November.

The next time you see John McCain’s shit-eating grin you’ll know the truth – John Stewart was right, he’s spending his evenings soaking his aching balls in a bowl of Howard Dean’s chilled tears.

(Edited to remove a stupid-ass mistake pointed out in the comments. Thanks.)