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Common sense missing amongst NS Conservatives

Minister’s son crashes government vehicle

Ms. Streatch told reporters Monday about the accident. She had sent Jordan to the store for ice cream early Saturday evening, and he went off the road in New Ross.

He and his girlfriend, who was with him, weren’t hurt. There’s no estimate on the damage yet.

“In hindsight, now I realize that wasn’t a wise decision,” said Ms. Streatch, who brought a family vehicle to Province House.

No shit, Sherlock. Your lovely government-owned SUV would cost the average Nova Scotian $35,249 (assuming no extras), or a whopping $833/mo to lease. You couldn’t muster enough brain power to decide that your 17 year old son shouldn’t be making milk runs with a new vehicle that the government has entrusted to you? On the assumption that you’ll use it for ministerial business, no less? It looks like the Liberals don’t have a stranglehold on the culture of entitlement in this province.

To those who would apologize for Streatch, saying that she “did the right thing”: No, she didn’t. She eventually attempted to pay for a huge lapse in judgement, by offering to cover the difference in insurance costs. That is in no way the same as doing the right thing. Doing the right thing would entail using the ministerial vehicle for ministerial purposes only. I like Frank Corbett’s quote (from the linked article):

It’s the old saying about this government, is when they’ve exhausted every other avenue, they’ll do the right thing.


4 thoughts on “Common sense missing amongst NS Conservatives

  1. Now the other MLAs are punching her and saying, “Nice going, bitch”:

    Crash results in loss of government-leased vehicles for N.S. cabinet ministers
    The Cape Breton Post

    HALIFAX — Nova Scotia cabinet ministers will no longer have the option of driving a government-leased vehicle.
    The change is part of the government’s review of its vehicle policy following the weekend crash involving the son of Community Services Minister Judy Streatch.
    The 17-year-old was on his way to a store in New Ross, N.S., when he crashed the 2008 Ford Escape hybrid into a ditch.
    Streatch wrongly believed her son was permitted to drive the vehicle.
    Premier Rodney MacDonald says all ministers will now be expected to get their own vehicles, although they will have the option of either claiming mileage or taking a monthly vehicle allowance.
    He says all leased vehicles that remain for use in other areas of the government fleet must be used for government business only.
    MacDonald says the steps are being taken to make things clear for cabinet ministers and the public.


  2. Ummm, so in other words, they are being treated like other government employees now? Boo fucking hoo. Rodney’s still gonna take a helicopter when he has to hit the back nine anyway…



  3. In Saturday’s Chronically Horrid, Streatch says that her son is:

    “A large part of that learning process does involve him being responsible financially as well as accountable for his actions. So it will involve a tremendous amount of work on his part. He has typically worked summers and he will work this summer as well and he has lots of additional family chores to be done.”

    All the while, she is hoping that saying “I didn’t understand the simple fucking rules” is going to devolve her of responsibility.


  4. Wow. These Cons literally eat their own, don’t they? To paraphrase: “I blame my son for my own lack of judgement.”


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