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Just when you thought it couldn’t get any dumber…

We have Michele Malkin, fashionista. If ever there was a better demonstration that the “war on terror” really is a war on common sense, I haven’t seen it. If there is anything dangerous in this Dunkin’ Donuts ad foolishness, it has nothing to with what Rachel Ray is wearing but rather the overly-sugared lard that she and DD promote on the increasingly corpulent North American population.

If you’ll excuse me, I gotta get me a table cover tie, so I can go to work “in solidarity”.

Stupid fucks.

One thought on “Just when you thought it couldn’t get any dumber…

  1. Yes, this really is an astoundingly petty and meaningless little attack but Malkin knows her base. If by base you mean knuckle dragging god botherers with an inch wide world view, fear of the new and a desperate need to believe any received wisdom that reinforces the same. Malkin is harmful because she’s not here to help, she’s here to pander. Reasoned discussion isn’t something that will keep her ratings up so she’s not interested. Uninformed derision though, well that’s a whole other matter. It keeps the fans slavering. I’m debating descending into personal invictive at this point but there’s this old adage about wrestling with pigs and why it’s a bad idea. What the hell. Here’s a quick one for all you ‘kog readers out there. The only difference that I can see between Malkin and that insane stick-figure Anne Coulter is that I’m reasonably certain that Malkin has never been a man. In all other ways they’re both failed human’s who are only capable of doing harm to public discourse


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