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Expect the Whitehouse to jump out from behind the corner and shout “Boo!” real soon

With polls indicating that Americans are onto the Republicans and are losing the visceral fear of terrorism that kept them in line for the last seven years, John McCain faces an uphill battle to get his wrinkly ass into the Whitehouse. Still, with 35% of Americans believing a terrorist attack is likely in the coming weeks, there is still some material there to work with for McCain, who has chosen inexplicably to use the Bush playbook pretty much word-for-word. I guess the photographed hug from a few years ago concealed a little wood – who knew?

I’m not sure if the Whitehouse is going to be able to rev up the colour-coded threat index again, that would be just too obvious, but I think we can safely expect some new foreign threat to make an appearance in the coming months. The best that I can hope for is another anthrax scare to boost my Duct-tape stocks, but I fear that the newest manufactured threat might well involve Iran.

I’d like to be wrong about this. I’d like to be wrong partly because the North American economy does not need another unpaid-for war on its books, partly because the Harpocrat is more liable to haul our asses into an American foray than I’d like, and partly because I am going to try to unload my minivan in the coming weeks to buy something smaller and expect to have a tough enough time with gas at *only* $1.50 a litre.

Yes, all politics is local.


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