I don’t usually do this on this site…

But is there a better band in Canada right now than The Weakerthans?

If you’re in the Halifax area the middle of this month, go to Summer Sonic and find out. I’ve got my tickets for the weekend (hee hee), babysitting lined up (hee hee hee) and Reunion Tour spinning on my computer right now.

Oh, wait, something political – I see a priest from BC has turned in his Order of Canada in protest of Henry Morgenthaler’s award. Good on you – you wouldn’t want to own anything tainted by that baby-killing bastard. Oh, and Father, should I also need to tell you that Dr. Henry also got awarded for his work with a salary, that is money. For consistency you really should give back all of the money you have earned too.

Just sayin’.

3 thoughts on “I don’t usually do this on this site…

  1. Something i’ve always found to be curious is that the right-to-lifers never seem as upset by other forms of “state sponsored murder”. I’m thinking specifically about the military here. I know how my job description reads and shooting people the government designates as shootable is pretty high up on the list. Never hear of them protesting outside a base though, do you? I’m sure that if you asked any one of them could give you an answer as to why this is but really, murder is murder, isn’t it.


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