2008 US election, John McCain

John McCain, economic wunderkind

In the most recent of a series of WTF? moments, John McCain has released his long-awaited (snicker) economic plans. He will balance the budget by the end of his first term (at which time he will be 132 years of age) by, dig this, maintaining the gazillion-dollar tax cut to the rich and ending the war in Iraq.

This is on par with his great environmental plan to redefine the global warming issue as an energy dependency one, and then offer up the oil potential off the northern Alaskan slope as a solution.

His economic plan (stretching the term plan to the breaking point) might, might, be remotely sane if the US government budget was balanced before the war began, but it was not. The US government was already well into debt before the bombs dropped in 2003.

How is it possible that any Republican will be able to cast a vote for this useless tool, if not simply out of pure, dull-witted party loyalty?

3 thoughts on “John McCain, economic wunderkind

  1. Is this not the same John McCain that had no problem with the idea of staying in Iraq for another 100 years? I want to know what the odds are favouring, cognitive dissonance or dementia. If McCain wins he’ll be spending the last part of his presidency in a rocking chair on the front steps of the whitehouse, shaking his cane and yelling at the whippersnappers.


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