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The next thing to get pulled off of you at the airport

In case you need your right-wing silliness levels topped up, here’s a good one from Glenn Beck, CNN’s in-house blowhard: if you wear a Che Guevara t-shirt, you’re probably a terrorist. Yep, always good at turning anything into a screed, Beck has determined that because some of the army officials that pulled off the rescue wore them, they are de riguer in the terrorist set. Not only that, *only* terrorists wear them. See the logic?

Sure, there’s plenty of talk of one intelligence team member, nervous about the mission, who wore a Red Cross symbol against orders. But other accounts confirm the use of something you can probably pick up at any mall: a Che Guevara T-shirt.

That’s right, the same T-shirts you see Hollywood celebrities, starving pseudo-artists and confused hipster teens wearing around local coffee shops. To all those who decide that you want to be coffee house communist-chic, remember this: When you are wearing a Che T-shirt, you’re wearing the same shirt that makes terrorists believe you’re just one of the gang. I hope that latte is tasty.

See that – the people that don’t agree with him seem to all wear them, too – lefties all. Bastards. Commies. He even has to reference that old “latte-drinking” trope. Please, Glenn, what about us black coffee drinking socialists that figure there’s got to be a better way than the “who dies with the most wins” system we have now? Those that, like I think you do, know there is a difference between socialism and communism, and understand that denigrating modern socialists with the “Che” and “communist” brush, is simply an attempt to deny that there just might be a better way to go about business.

You seriously need to get better material – I mean, who writes this stuff? You?


5 thoughts on “The next thing to get pulled off of you at the airport

  1. So my question is, where can I, a long term member of the military and definite non-terrorist, buy one of these T-shirts? Size XXL and lets go with a traditional red. And can someone take my picture while I’m wearing it so I can send it to Glenn Beck?


  2. Yeah – I wrote an article a while ago about airport security and t-shirts – it’s ridiculous how many human rights are dropping by the wayside these days – check out the link anyway…


  3. WOW! Dense and stupid has a name…and it’s Glen Beck.

    While attacking Che Guevara and pointing out his “pathetic and brutal legacy” the always jubilantly clueless Beck forgets to mention the 800 pound elephant in the room. What about our war mongering President that he and other right wing sycophants helped get elected?

    If Beck had any real “respect for humanity” he would be gracious enough to admit that he is clueless when it comes to providing any substantive historical insights and then he would just shut his floppy trap.

    With Beck’s child like sense of reasoning questioning whether Capitalism has really won us anything automatically makes me a communist and a terrorist because anyone who disagrees with this talking head automatically is…

    But still, I will ask, are we winning the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan? And let’s take a look at what is happening with the economy; banks are failing, people are losing their homes and oil is skyrocketing.

    Through the last eight years of unchecked capitalism, i.e. no oversight and poor governance, Bush has created a free for all for corporate fat cats while “the people” have become less prosperous and many can’t afford to fill their tanks, buy groceries or pay their mortgage.

    So, I would argue that the kind of Capitalism Beck subscribes to has won us nothing, in fact, it has failed.

    The sad irony of a fool like Glen Beck is that he will happily pontificate about Guevara, who is a relatively obscure figure to everyone but a small population of people and yet still remain blithely unaware of his own hubris as he serves as court jester to his many misguided right wing nut followers while they sing the praises of the worst president this country has ever known.

    Truly, anytime Beck opens his mouth I realize, a village has lost its idiot.


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