A sign of the times (if it was, like, ten years ago)

In a move that would have appeared obvious a decade ago, were their management the least bit competent, Ford today announced that they will bring a line of small cars to North America to try to claw back some of their staggering $8.7 billion quarterly loss. Ford’s plans, which are laid out with a bit more detail here, include retooling three truck/SUV plants to small cars, doubling production of hybrids by 2009, and doubling their capacity to produce four-cylinder engines by 2011.

A company with the tiniest amount of foresight would have seen that testosterone-dripping commercials about sweaty guys workin’ hard with their trucks in stark shadowy lighting could only carry them so far. For the sake of the American automotive industry, I hope it isn’t too late.

That said, I just bought a Matrix.

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