Nova Scotia has a drinking problem

Apparently. Of course any tears from the provincial government are crocodile in nature.


2 thoughts on “Nova Scotia has a drinking problem

  1. So, Nova Scotians have a drinking problem because “People in the province still drive drunk, still go on benders at bars, still drink underage and some still drink while pregnant”. As opposed to every other province and territory…how, exactly? I have problems with the idea of this on several levels, not the least of which is my disdain for professional meddlers trying to save us from ourselves. If you get drunk while pregnant or drink and drive, or any combination thereof, you are an idiot. However, at this point is there anyone who doesn’t know this? Anyone that can be reached by a feel-good educational program I mean?
    The undertones of social engineering here are at best worrisome and I don’t think that the Carolyn Davison’s of the HP&P dept are even aware of this when they say things like “We know there are some (policies) we should be doing around the pricing of alcohol, it’s just whether or not we can help government understand what is the best approach there,” Ms. Davison said. So it’s “behave, or we’ll find a nice, passive aggressive way to make you behave”.
    This one set of some warning bells as well. “The provincial trauma team at the Queen Elizabeth II Health Sciences Centre in Halifax is called upon more than 500 times a year to care for people injured in car or ATV crashes or serious falls. Under the pilot project, those people will be tested at the hospital for blood-alcohol content. Those testing positive will be assessed for their willingness to accept alcohol counselling, said Paul Helwig, a clinical program manager at Capital Health”. I suspect that the Herald’s reporter accidently left out the phrase ” with their permission” between the words project and those.Well, I hope that. If he didn’t then the HP&P is advocating privacy invading tests based on your having injured yourself. Bluntly and hypothetically put, if I fall down the stairs, who the fuck are you to assume and test me for, alcohol consumption? Answering “I’m a medical professional” doesn’t cut it.Answering “I can because I have a degree in needless meddling in other peoples lives” while more honest, doesn’t really cut it either.
    To cut to the chase I think that this is more about those with a self-imposed mission to better our lives trying to be seen to be doing something. There are very few people who can be classed as a functional adult who are unaware of the bad side of alcohol. This is merely policy wonks in government employ using up the budget because they know better than us andwant us to applaud their good works.

    Those opposed to alcohol may commence their poorly thought out,let’s build a utopia arguements now.


  2. As is painfully obvious time and again, you can provide individuals with all the information or education you want, but some people just aren’t going to get it. You can’t teach responsibility to an adult who has none – it has to start in childhood, or don’t bother. Unless part of the ‘plan’ is to teach kids common sense when it comes to alcohol, to enable them to make sensible choices, this whole exercise is pointless.


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