The most recent attack…

It’s patently obvious that John McCain has absolutely nothing good to say about himself, his policy platform, or his hope for the future of the United States. That can be the only conclusion one can draw from the dark turn that his campaign has taken. They’ve attacked Obama for wanting to increase oil prices by saying “no” to drilling in ANWAR (even after most economists have agreed that any oil found there would make no appreciable dent in prices), they’ve challenged his patriotism for not visiting the troops in Germany on his recent tour (though it was the Pentagon that told the campaign that they could not), and now they’ve compared him to Britney and Paris for being popular.

John McCain’s campaign is obviously adrift, he is obviously a turd in the punchbowl, and anyone that votes for him is either an idiot or one of the rich-beyond-mere-words that have been further enriched by Bush’s raping of the American economy.

Nevertheless, he will still likely win in November.

There, I’ve said it.

Update: Obama’s campaign has responded with a new ad commenting on how McCain’s campaign has gone negative. Just wait for the McCain response – “Obama Campaign Goes Negative – How Typical Of Them!”


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