Another Addition to the Big List…

Although I am decidedly not a religious person, I amuse myself at times imagining that somewhere, unbeknownst to us, there is a big old ledger book. Within said book is an account of how we die. Perhaps it’s for background checks prior to entry into Valhalla, who knows – it’s made up, after all. If a person passes on in a particularly spectacular fashion, it is noted in the book: “died in a hail of terrorist gunfire while rescuing a school full of orphans” would be one of the better and more heroic ones.

The thought experiment on my part includes coming up with ways I would not want to die – not that I’m anxious to in any circumstances, but I’d like to go out with a little of my dignity intact, if possible. People may not remember you so positively while they say, “Poor old Flash. Imagine, suffocating under a mountain of chinchilla feces”, or, “I’ve never seen anyone shot in the face with an explosive-tipped slinky.” You get the idea. Bizarre, and ultimately humiliating.

I’ve got a new one to add to the list as of this morning. Not so humiliating, but certainly bizarre and disturbing.

I’d prefer, if I have any say in the matter, not to have my head sawn off by a fucking lunatic in sunglasses while travelling through Manitoba on a Greyhound bus.

Can you imagine?

Fucking Manitoba?

Gives me the jibblies.


4 thoughts on “Another Addition to the Big List…

  1. It’s too early for this but:

    You wouldn’t catch me dead on a bus in Manitoba.

    I’m going straight to the fiery pits, I know.


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