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Phelps is fucked

We (as in the royal we) need to prevent Phelp’s people from getting to Winnipeg.

Phelps’ daughter, Shirley Phelps-Roper, said about seven church members are expected to come to Winnipeg. “What we’re doing is trying to connect dots,” Phelps-Roper told the Winnipeg Sun last night. “We’re trying to get you to see that your rebellion against the standards of God, your disobedience to the commandments — your idols, your false gods, your filthy ways have brought wrath upon your head.”

These monsters are going to picket and disrupt a private funeral service for the young man killed on the bus last week. Are they completely insane? Forget that question, even the insane have some sort of moral compass. These people apparantly do not.


13 thoughts on “Phelps is fucked

  1. This is just disgusting and outrageous. I sincerely hope that the government steps in to prevent these people from interfering with the funeral, perhaps allowing them to set up their little circus of madness at a safe distance halfway across town.


  2. Arthur Schafer’s statement that these people are “morally deranged” pretty much hits the mark.What astronomical levels of arrogance do you need to view another’s suffering as an opportunity for you to use to your own ends? This isn’t about saving the world from itself, as they’d like us to believe. This is how they convince themselves that they alone hold the truth.If this is what they have to do to feel like they aren’t the mounds of vaguely sentient afterbirth that they in fact are, then they don’t deserve the consideration of civilized society and should be treated accordingly.


  3. And another thing while I think of it. If their god is so intent on punishing Canada for our “idols, false gods and filthy ways” why the fuck did he pick some 18 year old on a bus? Did he leave a note and we haven’t found it yet? Isn’t a rain of toads or plague of boils or some similar large scale curse more his style. Someone should tell Phelps that his version of god has really let his game slip.


  4. Pick one and break his fucking legs in front of the others. Sorry if that is nasty and violent, but you cannot reason with these people and you cannot ignore them. They must be made to pay the consequences of this.

    For the less violently inclined, perhaps a ring of people around the funeral, with locked arms, to keep the protesters a long distance from the family.

    Then break their legs…


  5. Frankly, I think it’s a great idea. Naturally, for different reasons – anything that shows how deranged and retarded superstition is in all it’s guises is a great thing.

    “God is punishing Canada” reads the headline. How? By killing one person?

    God, kiss my fucking ass. Lick my balls. Chew me.

    Either I or my surviving family members will let you know the results of my little test.


  6. Unfortunately, Mike, most of the bastard’s progeny are lawyers, so as much as I like your plan – it’s just an invitation to spending far more time in a courthouse than I’d prefer. The guard thing isn’t a bad idea though, I know there’s a few biker groups who do that down in the States when they target the funerals of soldiers – anyone know what the going rate is for the Hell’s Angels?


  7. Dan, ” The first thing we do, let’s kill all the lawyers”. I apologize to William Shakespeare if I got the quote wrong but it still applies.


  8. Dan is right, alas. From what I’ve read, the group basically survives on sueing agrieved relatives after they get the shit kicked out of them. Bloodsucking weasles, the lot.

    On the other hand, various states have successfully created laws to make protesting at funerals illegal. It’s sad that it has to be done, but there you go.


  9. Did anybody see the Michael Moore segment on the Phelps family that the network refused to air? I think it was on TV Nation, not The Awful Truth; it was released as part of the “Best of” video.

    The segment was about the Phelps family suing a high school so that one of the younger Phelps could get a course credit for participating in demonstrations such as this. They won. At that time, all of Phelp’s adult children were lawyers and most had married lawyers.


  10. From what I read this morning, a busload of these idiots were turned back at the border. The border patrol were working under orders from Stockwell Day. Huh. I always figured he was the Canadian equivalent of a Phelps worshipper. Go figure.


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