China wins the gold in flim-flam…

Flash pointed out his feelings on the fakery of the Chinese Olympic Committee and Communist Party earlier in the week here. Well, it might be that a little cutey-pie lip-synching might not be the limit to the fraud at these Games. For anyone that caught the women’s team gymnastics the other night and wondered just how old those women were, it appears that at least one of them might be 14.

One might say that this makes a mockery of the athletic spirit, but really, the competition and drive to win at all costs has already done that. Really, when was the last time you thought a cycling winner was clean? When did you get cynical about major league baseball? Why do you think you don’t hear much about doped up hockey players? Because they’re clean, or because they don’t test? What does your gut tell you?

Update: This appears to be getting some traction – SI has picked up the AP article here.


One thought on “China wins the gold in flim-flam…

  1. And, just to add injury to insult, there is a story in the New York Times about an extremely talented 26-year-old dancer who was injured during rehearsals for a solo performance in the opening spectacle – and very likely paralyzed for life. Someone else performed the dance, and she was stuck in the hospital as part of an elaborate cover-up.


    I’m just writing these games off as a joke – not that I was paying attention anyway…


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