Barak Obama, John McCain

Barack Obama is *such* an elitist

This is pretty fucked up. Barack Obama is elitist but John McCain needs to have his people tell him how many homes he owns.


-kvd out


5 thoughts on “Barack Obama is *such* an elitist

  1. A) Anyone in aposition to try for the job of Leader of the Free World is by definition already a member of the elite of society. It follows then that disparaging your opponent for this quality is just a little hypocritical. Well, it’s actually REALLY FUCKING HYPOCRITICAL but I don’t think guys like McCain and his staff would grasp the concept anyway
    B) The elite are by definition of the word the best that there is to offer. Whether that’s individually true for each candidate is open for debate but I think that the definition stands. What, therefore, is so fucking bad about the guy in charge of running your country being “elite”?When did it become preferable to elect the bottom third of the class because rich as he is he doesn’t remind you that you’re poor, probably have a lousy education and qualify only for the hottest, dirtiest jobs at the tire plant? I’ve probably just answered my own question there, haven’t I. To cut to the chase, electing someone because he can pretend to be some ignorant shitkicker you can have a beer with will get you the government that you deserve. The americans have had eight years of that already. My money’s onthem going for another four because the republicans have convinced most of them that being smart is bad


  2. It’s not just the Republicans, Doug – the ‘elitist’ tag was used against Obama by Hillary Clinton during her campaign. Personally, I blame Hollywood – films like ‘Forrest Gump’ have managed to create the meme that there’s something noble about the simpleminded.


  3. As Jon Stewart says, “he’s applying for a job that, if he does it well, we might carve his fucking head into the side of a mountain, so why should it be wrong to be among ‘the best?'”

    Also, they are saying elitist, not simply elite. Elitist has a different connotation.


  4. “When did it become preferable to elect the bottom third of the class because rich as he is he doesn’t remind you that you’re poor….”

    I think it’s a matter of: being rich is the only criterion that counts, having 3 brain cells to rub together – optional. The term ‘elite’ is probably the most misused word in the english-speaking, western world – as it has been hijacked to become a synonym with ‘filthy rich’.


  5. interesting thread, although I believe the originator missed the point. Opposition to Obama based on elitism is not because he has ELITE status, it stems from him being an ELITIST. These are 2 different and independent characteristics. Consider if you will some elite republicans. Reagan was ELITE but could hardly be considered an elitist, (one who favors the elite). While George W. while elite in status only because of his father and his current job title could hardly be looked at as an ELITE person otherwise, yet an agruement could be easily made that he is indeed an ELITIST. Obama is being accused of being an ELITIST and BIDEN definitely is. The ticket as it stands teeters precariously where as the McCain/Pailin ticket is quite different. Yes McCain has several houses, putting him squarely in ELITE status, but his record demonstrates him not to be an elitist. Pailin, well if anyone can make the case that she is an ELITIST then they should be working for the DNC and not posting here!


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