Glenn Beck

Glenn Beck, philosophy professor

This is good even for Glenn Beck – America’s poorest cities are poorest because they repeatedly vote Democrats in for mayor. Willfull ignorance of the rules of logic is not new to the Beckster, but this one is pretty nice.


-kvd out

14 thoughts on “Glenn Beck, philosophy professor

  1. Now, see Kevvy – I just find it much simpler to just start with the baseline that everything Beck says is crap – that way I can just ignore him. Let’s face it – Beck’s a ‘B-List’ Conservative at best – the only reason CNN gives him a voice is that Rush Limbaugh won’t work for them, and Bob Novak’s too busy running pedestrians over.


  2. I agree with Dan and I still haven’t forgiven you for the “Glenn Beck driving naked” image. There just isn’t enough whisky to erase it.


  3. I think that we are all in agreeance then. Dan must die. Kev is still not off the hook for starting the “Glenn Beck driving naked” imagery in a previous post.


  4. @ Dan

    Yeah yeah. We’re unified now. That comment is still too disturbing to go undealt with. Also, I consistently get a two inch grouping at 200 metres and I stand by my last comment so let’s hear no more about Ernest Borgnine’s personal failings. Those of us who have served know what that means. How do you even find this stuff Dan?


  5. Hey, I was just checking out the Huffington Post, and accidently wandered across it – if you want to blame someone, blame the one who put the Huffington Post as a link – that would be kevvyd


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