Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton

A question for the crowd

I’m passively paying attention to the Democratic convention this week and couldn’t help but notice the media crush is on for Clinton Day, which is today.

All day.

She (they) has (have) essentially taken over the convention with her (their) whining and self-pity. Hoping (as I do) that the Democrats win in November, but fearing (as I do) that they won’t, I have to think that stealing Obama’s thunder at this crucial time is not a smart thing to do. Unless of course, the Clintons actually want Obama to fall on his face in November, giving them one last chance in 2012.


Here is the question: if the Democrats lose in November, would you vote for Hillary in 2012? If you, like me, can’t vote, then do you think that she’d be able to win?

Here’s my feeling – she and Bill have done very little to campaign for Obama, spending most of their energy trying to recoup campaign debts, so the betterment of the party is not what’s in the forefront of their minds. I can’t help but feel that it would be no different in four years.

-kvd out


2 thoughts on “A question for the crowd

  1. I agree that the Clintons, though pretending to support Obama, have yet to actually make a serious attempt at it. And as for her running in 2012, I doubt her chances will improve much. If McCain wins, my guess is that by then, people will be kicking themselves for voting him in and will welcom Barack back with open arms.

    -Dan Cheek


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