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Whiners and PUMA’s and Dem’s – Oh My!

For the sake of the Democratic Party, I hope Hillary Clinton put the PUMA’s down last night with her speech in Denver. I just listened to a recording of it and it wasn’t bad at all – she has thrown her weight fully behind Obama and challenged supporters of her campaign to do the same. I say “for the sake of the Democratic Party”, but if these PUMA’s really are Democrats, well just watch Chris Matthew’s brief interview with two of ’em and determine for yourself if they really should should be suffered to live considered a serious political force:

The woman on the left in the video is actually the co-founder of the Clintons 4 McCain organization. She has that angry look of the momentarily deranged throughout the piece, and resorts to all but “nyah nyah nyah” when challenged for evidence of her claims. I hope she enjoys her fifteen minutes, though she comes off like an absolute idiot.  (Actually, if she wants to extend her moment in the spotlight, FoxNews might be interested.) If these guys are not funded by the Necropublicans directly, they certainly are on the side.

If Clinton’s speech last night is the first step in uniting the party before the November elections, it is only the first step – Clinton’s campaign fought hard, but it fought low and those wounds are harder to heal on both sides. Hillary badly damaged her political capital by hanging on for an appeal to the decision on Michigan and Florida, a decision she initially supported, and the mud-slinging all but destroyed what’s left of Bill’s legacy. (Not to mention providing fodder for later GOP attacks.) Getting up in front of the convention and stating her support for Obama has got to be hard, but she did it, and if she can follow up with active campaigning on his behalf, then maybe there is hope that all but the most freakish of the PUMA’s will come onboard by November.

-kvd out


19 thoughts on “Whiners and PUMA’s and Dem’s – Oh My!

  1. If you have a chance, check out Kucinich’s speech. I haven’t seen it yet (no video here), but from all I’ve read, it was the only rousing speech of the convention (thus far).


  2. Of course they’re idiots, Kevvy – in fact they fit Lenin’s definition of ‘useful idiots’ – if they have their way, they’ll scuttle the Dem’s chances of winning the presidency, and when President McCain (shudder) launches the U.S. into a land war with Russia – right after he loads the Supreme Court with right-wingers and outlaws abortion, these morons will be standing around with Urkelesque looks of surprise on their face, saying, ‘But we’re striking a blow for woman-hood!’


  3. “My candidate” isn’t always the party nominee either. Do I throw temper tantrums, then say I’m not throwing temper tantrums. Even if I were throwing temper tantrums and making my party look ridiculous, it’s because the nominee is less qualified than my choice. Thereby, the OTHER party’s candidate is more qualified? Simplified to those terms, that’s even crappier logic than before.


  4. I’m not a Obama fan, but I do have to say that PUMA, the NObama idiots and Clintons 4 McCain stooges are basically political Judas’s. In no other country in the Free World that I can think of do people threaten to vote for the other candidate if they don’t get their way.

    They act like spoiled children, vomitting up excuses for their horrible behavior. Honestly, they should not be allowed to vote because they are not mentally 18 or older yet.


  5. mcclaud,
    Have you seen last night’s The Daily Show? They do a skit with a child psychologist and the PUMA’s. Samantha Bee telling a man and woman sitting cross-legged on the floor to “stop acting like little bitches” is priceless.


  6. Actually, I just figured out who these morons remind me of – they’re basically a living testimonial to a Rush Limbaugh-like characture feminist – strident, man-hating, bitter – it makes me wonder if they aren’t really RNC plants – there’s already been one case this year of gun-control groups being infiltrated by an NRA spy, so I really wouldn’t put it past the Necropublicans


  7. THUNDERING FUCKING CHRIST. I watched the video and that woman couldn’t be a more obvious agent provocateur if she had that job title written across her fucking forehead with a dayglo sharpie. Assuming there’s anyone out there braindead enough to believe her AND reading this fine blog, write this down for future reference. When ANYONE claims that they have evidence that will prove their hypothesis, or point, or make their blithering more likely and they refuse to give it to you, like you might steal it and make them wrong, you know, like hardcore republicans and “large C” conservatives think cameras steal your soul, THEY”RE FUCKING LIEING!! that woman knows she’s in the wrong but she’s either a shitdisturber for the republicans or, as is probably more likely, she will convince herself of anything to maintain her belief that Hillary was robbed of the presidencyand would rather see her nation destroyed than see proof that there might be a better way than hers. Given the admitantly lamentable importance of America’s place in world affairs people like her should be hauled in front of the court at The Hague if their idiocy results in another four years of republican fuckery.

    Anyone out there with a different opinion, let’s be hearing it. I feel like savaging the weak and helpless and braindead for some reason.


  8. Kevv – Yeah, I even linked it back on my blog.

    If I had to pick out someone they reminded me of, I’d say Ron Paul fanatics.

    Ron Paul fanatics had a hard time letting go of the Republican nomination, and continued to say things like, “Well, on to the next stage of our movement!” and “The movement is growing!” when in reality, there were no stages and the movement wasn’t growing.

    They try really hard to convince reality to go along with them. They don’t want to acknowledge the fact that they are losing their fight, so they start doing radical, non-sensible actions (such as voting for McCain).

    Bill Marr was on Leno, and he was hilariously brilliant. He not only insulted the PUMA/NObama people intellectually, but he said that it’s the fastest way to reach political obscurity – to be a huge thorn in the side of one of the major parties.


  9. True enough, mcclaud – I offer Ralph Nader as Exhibit A – I know he’s running for the Presidency again, but has anyone heard a peep from him?


  10. I noticed that the same blonde appears in the Jon Stewart skit the other night as one of the “disgruntled six”. I believe she is also the one that sics the dog on Samantha Bee. I hope she enjoys her fifteen minutes, they ain’t gonna last and soon enough she’ll be limited to writing barely-literate foaming at the mouth letters to the editor.


  11. Oh – I just took a look at the site – ye fuck, what a crapload. I think it was Harlan Ellison who said that the problem with the Internet was that it was all too easy to seemingly appear rational – in the old days, loons like this would be cranking out messy mimeographs – nowadays you have to look for more subtle clues of looniness – Capitalized words, overuse of graphics and bright colours, etc….


  12. Yeah – I love their commentary on their Daily Show appearance – the cluelessness of some people never ceases to amaze me, here’s a hint – people aren’t laughing with you….


  13. Now that I’ve calmed down a bit I’ve taken a look at their website. They have put a lot of effort into assembling damning “information” about Obama haven’t they? This is really just another round of swiftboating but I’m curious to know why Hillary Clinton allows her and image to be used name. Has she made any statements about these clowns? This group proves that, as with boats, just because you can afford a computer it doesn’t nessessarily follow that you should have one.


  14. Doug,
    I don’t believe that Clinton has done anything directly to promote *this* group, and being a public figure, I don’t believe she has effective control over the use of her name or her image in any real way. I might be wrong here, but I’m giving her the benefit of the doubt.

    My take on it is that when it began to appear that her campaign was no longer a coronation she was actually trailing Obama badly owing to tactical mistakes made early on. I think she can thank Mark Penn for that. Anyway, the reaction in her campaign was to panic and go negative on Obama with both barrels, a tactic that sometimes works, but didn’t this time. Part of this attack was also to split the party on race and gender lines, producing the “vote for Hillary and you’re racist, Obama and you’re sexist” division that still exists. This hardened the attitude of the more extreme supporters of both candidates and produced the PUMA movement, as well as a ton of material for the McCain campaign. I’m quite confident that if Clinton had won, a component of Obama’s support would have done something similar.

    I think, however, that Obama would have been more gracious about his loss and wouldn’t have spent a month of passive-aggressive sulking watching his more ardent supporters begin to try to split the party in half.


  15. Kev – I’ll agree with you that Hillary doesn’t necessarily support these groups – if for no other reason than that in the unlikely event that these peope actually manage to scuttle the election (from all rational ei. Non-Fox News, reports, they number maybe 50 people at most), the backlash will pretty much consign Hillary into joining Ralph Nader and Cynthia McKenny in the political hinterlands. Speaking of Cynthia, the Green Party candidate was recently quoted as supporting Robert Mugabe in Zimbabwe. Sigh – it’s a sad commentary on the state of 3rd party candidacy in the United States when I look back fondly on Ross Perot and consider him sane in comparison.


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